Sunday, March 20, 2011

march broke

Well, it’s the last day of March break and that means tomorrow I’ll be right back at it, doing what I do . . .

. . . writing, that is.

I meant well this past week with regards to word production, but with the whole family home it just doesn’t happen.

I should know this from past experience and plan accordingly. But, every break, I stupidly think I can just concentrate like normal and get another short story done.


And the bank thing still lingers even though one car is officially dumped from my life and there is only one left to go.

Still, two highlights dampened the irritation I was feeling from the bank this past week.

One - I found, at an estate sale, a hardcover, first edition, Frank Herbert, Dune. Now, you many think - so what?

Well, let me just tell you that this little first edition can be worth quite a bit of something to the right buyer. Trouble is, how do I find the right buyer? Well, I will need to do some work on that one. It has no dust cover though and is not in mint condition, but still . . . first edition, Herbert, Dune . . .

Second highlight this week was the purchase of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Yes, R___, I’m looking squarely at you as the bad influence. You see, during reading night last week I was introduced (for the first time) to Rock Band and I thought it looked like a hoot.

Well, I couldn’t find Rock Band with any instruments, so I had to settle for Guitar Hero.

And I was correct. It is an absolute hoot. Now I can rock down to a lot of cool tunes on my plastic guitar dextrously depressing coloured keys precisely unlike a real rocker . . . still, it’s a lot of fun to pretend. Now, all I need to do is find some drums and the offspring and I can rock down together.

Yes, I’m still a kid at heart . . . and, well, pretty much the rest of me too.

Well, no news from Analog, but I didn’t really expect any so soon. Submissions responses can take between two weeks and the heat death of the universe, but I remain hopeful on this one.

Well, I should get back to, um, work . . . yeah, that’s it.

Hey, Guitar Hero is hard work . . . you should try it!

Until next Sunday . . .