Sunday, March 13, 2011

games and fun

That’s what yesterday was. Played a game if Arkham Horror with my good friends in the afternoon. And yes, Azathoth got his nuclear butt kicked . . .

It was none of my doing, but I was there, playing a lawyer trying to find a spell which would actually make my fighting ability better than a lame blinded snail.

Never really happened before the game ended with us doing the winning by closing all the gates on the board.

Then came our reading night, which was fun but seemed to crawl along at a lame blinded snail’s pace. It was a B-Day party event as well so maybe the socializing overrode the reading at times . . . like most of the time. Still the quality of goods I listened too was right up there as usual.

Then I got to see Rock Band 3 on the X-Box. Huh, it looked damn fun. Oh, and I was like “Duran Duran”, “Joan Jett”, how cool!

My offspring rocked it out on drums with the host on guitar as I looked on, listening to a couple of my favorite eighties tunes.

Very cool, and fun.

And the food was . . . filling, and tasty and the dessert was so very excellent.

I’m bigger this morning, no doubt.

So, still no music at my end as the saga of bank irritations continues. I won’t get into the details but just say it sucked the musically creative juices from my body.

I did send off a short story to Analog this week though, so I’m pumped about that. Now I wait, and wait, and wait for what will likely be a rejection. Then off the story will go again until it finds a home. When it does, you will know.

Well, not much else to relate as my body continues to digest last night’s repast.

Until next Sunday . . .

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