Sunday, March 27, 2011

successful failures

This past week has been an exercise is contrasts.

Failures mixed with successes just about every other day.

And what is with the weather? . . . this Spring is looking a lot like Christmas . . . enough already!

So, on the failure front my short story was rejected. Par for the course. Now I need to hunt down another magazine to send it off to. No big deal . . . this happens to writers all the time.

An even bigger failure? - our government is determined to be even more moronic than normal . . . yet again. We are set to have another useless election in just over a month. Oh, joy.

However, success came in the form of leaping through the final fiery hoop on Friday and getting the small loan we were after. Only took three weeks and much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair . . . but it finally came through.

On the writing front then, a failure - I achieved the cube root of nothing because of the frequent bank visits and phone calls to creditors . . . etc.

The music front this week was similarly a bust.

But to relieve the stress and irritation I found another guitar hero guitar for cheap, and my daughter and I rocked down together which, I must say, is too much fun.

I managed to hook up a small stereo system I own complete with sub-woofer and it sounds absolutely great. Now if only those Metallica songs weren’t so damn impossible to complete . . .

Another success came in the form of finally being rid of both my GM cars . . . financially anyhow. I still have the Cobalt for another month and a half but then . . . Good riddance!

Never, ever, ever again will I own or have anything to do with General Motors.

And another huge success . . . well maybe huge feel good is a better description . . . I played tennis again for the first time in seven months. Man, I miss smacking the old ball around the court!

There is an indoor tennis court only fifteen minutes from my place where, for a small fee, I can participate in tennis aerobics. What that consists of is a tennis instructor firing balls at you for an entire hour until you feel like you are going to die . . . which, quite frankly after not playing for seven months, I did.

I still feel the pain today . . . four days later. But man do I need that kind of workout. I’m making it part of my master plan to participate in this torture at least once a week from now on in the hopes of shedding some pounds and getting back in shape.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’m sure next week I’ll have more to relay.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 20, 2011

march broke

Well, it’s the last day of March break and that means tomorrow I’ll be right back at it, doing what I do . . .

. . . writing, that is.

I meant well this past week with regards to word production, but with the whole family home it just doesn’t happen.

I should know this from past experience and plan accordingly. But, every break, I stupidly think I can just concentrate like normal and get another short story done.


And the bank thing still lingers even though one car is officially dumped from my life and there is only one left to go.

Still, two highlights dampened the irritation I was feeling from the bank this past week.

One - I found, at an estate sale, a hardcover, first edition, Frank Herbert, Dune. Now, you many think - so what?

Well, let me just tell you that this little first edition can be worth quite a bit of something to the right buyer. Trouble is, how do I find the right buyer? Well, I will need to do some work on that one. It has no dust cover though and is not in mint condition, but still . . . first edition, Herbert, Dune . . .

Second highlight this week was the purchase of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Yes, R___, I’m looking squarely at you as the bad influence. You see, during reading night last week I was introduced (for the first time) to Rock Band and I thought it looked like a hoot.

Well, I couldn’t find Rock Band with any instruments, so I had to settle for Guitar Hero.

And I was correct. It is an absolute hoot. Now I can rock down to a lot of cool tunes on my plastic guitar dextrously depressing coloured keys precisely unlike a real rocker . . . still, it’s a lot of fun to pretend. Now, all I need to do is find some drums and the offspring and I can rock down together.

Yes, I’m still a kid at heart . . . and, well, pretty much the rest of me too.

Well, no news from Analog, but I didn’t really expect any so soon. Submissions responses can take between two weeks and the heat death of the universe, but I remain hopeful on this one.

Well, I should get back to, um, work . . . yeah, that’s it.

Hey, Guitar Hero is hard work . . . you should try it!

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 13, 2011

games and fun

That’s what yesterday was. Played a game if Arkham Horror with my good friends in the afternoon. And yes, Azathoth got his nuclear butt kicked . . .

It was none of my doing, but I was there, playing a lawyer trying to find a spell which would actually make my fighting ability better than a lame blinded snail.

Never really happened before the game ended with us doing the winning by closing all the gates on the board.

Then came our reading night, which was fun but seemed to crawl along at a lame blinded snail’s pace. It was a B-Day party event as well so maybe the socializing overrode the reading at times . . . like most of the time. Still the quality of goods I listened too was right up there as usual.

Then I got to see Rock Band 3 on the X-Box. Huh, it looked damn fun. Oh, and I was like “Duran Duran”, “Joan Jett”, how cool!

My offspring rocked it out on drums with the host on guitar as I looked on, listening to a couple of my favorite eighties tunes.

Very cool, and fun.

And the food was . . . filling, and tasty and the dessert was so very excellent.

I’m bigger this morning, no doubt.

So, still no music at my end as the saga of bank irritations continues. I won’t get into the details but just say it sucked the musically creative juices from my body.

I did send off a short story to Analog this week though, so I’m pumped about that. Now I wait, and wait, and wait for what will likely be a rejection. Then off the story will go again until it finds a home. When it does, you will know.

Well, not much else to relate as my body continues to digest last night’s repast.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 06, 2011

russian winter

That’s what it feels like today both inside my head and outside my house.

This week has been one big snarled mess of complications on the financial side of my life.

Nothing bad, just damn annoying.

As you know from last week’s post we are now the proud owners of a bouncing baby Dodge Caravan . . .

. . . But paying for it is turning into a bit of a circus.

You see, I went to my friendly neighbourhood bank to ask for a wee bit of cash to tide us over for the next few months . . . and the fun began.

Seems like having a buttload of assets means the square root of F-all. It’s all about the income . . . which I don’t have at the moment.

Okay, I say, what about my wife’s income.

Fine they say, but let’s do a credit check on both of you.

Fine I say . . . and I thought this was the end of the hurdles . . . it was just the starting pistol going off.

Seems like GMAC has me listed with three outstanding leases for GM cars . . . I currently have one for F’s sake!

. . . it would appear that the albatross of GM still hangs from my neck. They were a screw-up when I worked there, and it seems they are still a screw-up. GMAC was originally owned and operated by GM . . . enough said.

They screwed up, and hence screwed me up.

Not happy.

Which brings me to the Dodge we just bought. It’s one year older and has 10,000 more kilometers on it than both my GM vehicles (both will be gone in the next month - thank your favourite entity) and let me tell you the Dodge is a solid, better handling, better designed, just damn better everything vehicle than any other GM product I’ve ever owned.

And I’ve owned quite a few.

How does GM even stay in business at all? I have not idea. Oh wait - Government handouts. I know, Chrysler had the same issues, but I am so glad to never have to have anything to do again with any GM product.

Anyhow, I’ve got to contact GMAC and get their screwed-up records straight so I can get a wee loan.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on Income Tax . . . which I did this week also. I dislike the Government almost as much as GM . . . almost.

Needless to say the writing and the music just kind of froze in place like Hitler’s army 24 miles from Moscow in the winter of 1941 . . .

. . . . okay, maybe not the best comparison.

Until next Sunday . . .