Sunday, February 27, 2011

viva new vegas

As you can see there is no “Dolphin Disco” here for you to enjoy today.

But, unlike last month’s excuse of not being able to upload the file . . . this week’s excuse is, well, um . . . I didn’t finish it because of circumstance both beyond and within my control.

You see, there was just too much to do with regards to the new (used) mini-van: winter tires, paying options, warranty options, undercoating . . . oh, and this little game I happened to pick up called, Fallout: New Vegas . . .

Yeah, I’m pretty much lost in the wastelands once more.

I had previously completed Fallout 3 with four expansions and thought it was a fantastic game . . . if you like that sort of thing . . . which I do, with a passion.

So, along comes New Vegas and I’m like, well, okay then.

Now, Initially I had some major hair pulling, cursing and swearing to get the game to actually run because it uses Steam as the validation software. Steam is an online thingy, and in order to play my game I had to download almost 600 Megabytes of updates . . .

. . . Have I mentioned that I’m on dial-up?

You feel my pain, don’t you?

Solution . . . contact my good friend Grond and take my box over to his place to connect to his high-speed internet to complete the job . . . in 40 minutes . . .

My best estimate on dial-up would have been . . . 56 hours straight.

Yes, one day I will switch when they don’t want 50 + cash a month for it.

So anyhow, the changes to the game are astounding, and complicated.

You can take apart and make ammunition . . . there are many factions you can join, or piss off, campfires where you can combine natural ingredients to make stuff if your survival skill is high enough, you can add modifications to weapons. The overall feel of the game seems much more dangerous and difficult and I’m only just beginning.

You are giving fair warning though as signs like “Danger, Deathclaws Beyond” and such let you know the world of pain awaiting you if you are foolish enough to go “beyond” at too early a level.

And the music and feel is almost a copy of that from Fallout 2. No kidding. It’s actually a real 3D version of that awesome version of Fallout . . . what’s not to like?

Very satisfying game but pretty much a redress of Fallout 3 engine . . . which, in my book, is a total winner.

And yeah, this week I’ll get back to making music and writing short stories . . . just after I see what’s over that ridge deep in the heart of the Mojave . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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