Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sea Lion Shuffle

Yes, yes, YES!

I finally got the latest tune I created to upload. So, without any more waiting, here it is -

Sea Lion Shuffle

As you can see you have two options above. Either listen directly or go to the website and suck down the file for your personal uses.

The tune runs about five minutes and is just over 5MB in size. Oh, and it's an mp3.

And the whole issue of not being able to upload the damn file last week?

Would you believe the website wouldn't load a .MP3 file but only an .mp3 . . . yah, I don't see much of a damn difference. Sheesh, already!

Anyhow, this tune was made with the new program (Music Maker 16) and my limited knowledge of how it all works. Which, by the way, I'm still figuring out.

This tune is also much slower and more dreamy. I promise to crank out a rocking dance tune in a few weeks. Title: Dolphin Disco.

Until next Sunday . . .

1 comment:

  1. Grondzilla11:40 am

    Not too shabby at all. Although I know your inclination is to head in the direction of trip hop or house I'd suggest that I'd just start adding more ambient offerings you might be inclined to crank out. Yah yah...that's just my thing man.