Sunday, February 13, 2011

the morning after

Well, another successful reading night has come and gone and I spent about an hour cleaning the kitchen this morning after sleeping in. Surprising how many dishes can be used by nine people.

I wonder if the Fellowship of the Ring had so many dishes to clean each day? My other name is Sam.

Lots of great material from our regular contributors was read and I sprung my novel’s heart-rending-I-am-a-bastard-moment on the crew. They were duly annoyed, which is as it should be as it fit in exactly as it should within the context of the plot. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind to your novel.

And another of our reading group is going to have a baby. That will make two this year . . . our group is doing its part to grow new writers.

Which reminds me, our daughter read a piece she wrote last night too and it was well received. Chip off the old block . . . the good chip. I wondered where that went.

I didn’t make the last reading night and so missed a bunch of ongoing tales, but with the group consisting of a genius computer guru tech guy we have a dedicated website to share our pieces with those who could not attend.

The future is great.

But, I live such a regular schedule these days (waking and sleeping) that I’m all out of sorts this morning after passing my bedtime by a couple hours last night.

Still, it was worth it, as always.

And the food . . . oh, the food.

Homemade apple pie, sticky buns, grapes, chips and dips, cheese and crackers, wine, coke, homemade brownies . . . yeah, there was even more.

Maybe we should call the night “eating night” and not “reading night.”

Well, this week I’m going to try really hard to finish the edits on a story and get it sent out (which I failed to do last week) and continue to work on my super-girl tale, the third in the series. It’s a bit stalled at the moment as I wrestle with her issues about her situation.

It’s sometimes hard to make something read believably in unbelievable circumstances. You have only the characters inner self to guide reactions, and sometimes that doesn’t work so well.

Anyhoo, waffles are up . . . yes more food, though I don’t need it . . . so I must go consume once more.

Until next Sunday . . .

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