Sunday, January 16, 2011

fractional fiction friction

And a few other f words I can think of.

Writing, to those in the know, is a slow, hard, tedious business. The business being the part where you get paid for the hard, slow, tedious bits.

To that end (the business part) my awesome wife (of 22 years this month - like, holy wow) is editing the story I wrote last month and is almost finished with it. That means I will be sending it out this coming week with the hopes of getting some cash for it.

And, my current work in progress is about 30 percent complete, in first draft stage. I’ll have it completed by month’s end when my wife will pull it apa, um, take a look at it for me.

So, all said, it really does seem like forever is an actual time scale to use for some of my works. However, I will continue to chisel away and who knows, by this time next year I may have a published credits list up. I could start one already, but three published short stories is, well just three.

I’m shooting for ten published works, then comes the list.

I’m also getting better at using the music program, but some of the features still elude me. Germans are notorious for creating super-complicated and over-engineered creations, are they not? Remember the Tiger tank, the one that was pure power and awesome but so complex that it broke down more often than it worked? Um, nevermind.

Yes, I’ve been reading far too much WW2 history lately. Just read yesterday that Hitler decreed that all crustaceans should be killed by tossing them live into boiling water . . . he thought it was the most humane way to off them before eating. One bullet . . . that’s all it would have taken people, just one . . . sigh.

Um, back to music creation. My newest tune “Sea Lion Shuffle” is progressing nicely and even got a nod from my wife. In fact, she wants me to create a 30 minute piece of relaxing music for her to relax to. Keep in mind my wife and I share about a 1 percent overlap in musical tastes.

On the weather front, last night was supposed to be our regular (though postponed by a week) reading night for the Second Saturday Psychos . . . and I got about half way there when the skies opened up and produced for me a dazzling display of pure white . . . within two minutes the highway was completely covered in snow and I could see maybe twenty feet in front of me.

What did I do in my Cobalt with all seasons?

The intelligent thing. I turned around and went back home, disgruntled I might add. And when I got back to my house there was only patchy clouds in the sky. In fact I looked up at the moon and some stars. WTF? Then I remembered - it’s winter in Canada. And so I watched the movie, Zelig, instead.

Woody Allen is nuts, but good nuts, like honey-coated cashews.

Well, another week came and went and I’m two crawls closer to the twenty mile distant success line.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half10:54 am

    We did miss you. The weather from the other end was not as dire and four intrepid explorers made their way out. It was a quieter night but there was some really good content.