Sunday, January 09, 2011

ass immolation

Yeah, I’ve been parked in my writing chair in front of my computer for many an hour this week, and my butt has been taking a burning because of it.


Well, two good reasons, and one bad one.

First the good.

A new short story in forming and taking shape. I’ll have it done this month as promised to myself, but it’s a rather harder go than I anticipated. It’s a continuation of a larger story arc based on my superhero (heroine actually) character and there is a lot of psychology involved. It’s part three of thirteen.

I’m no expert on inner turmoil and relationships, so I’m improvising and trying to get it as close to realistic as will be acceptable to the masses . . . yes, I do want to sell it eventually after all this work. I hope to have it out as a short story collection . . . before I die of old age anyhow.

The second good reason is music creation. I’ve been labouring over my new program and trying to figure out how it all works. It’s very complicated and I don’t have any formal music training to guide me. I just go with what I think sounds cool and rearrange what is not working. The program has five different synthesizers to mess around with and each one is complex and puzzling to me, but I am persevering, albeit slowly.

Despite the complexity I’m making a song that is sounding pretty good. I’ll have this, my next creation in the “Under the See” album, up by the end of the month even if I’ve only figured out about ten percent of the music program. And for some strange reason I always gravitate towards a dance beat as opposed to a slow chill techno sounding piece. Oh well, my inner clock is wound up tight I guess and runs faster than most.

The bad is, well, computer games. The more hours I pour into my writing and music creation the more hours I use blowing off steam wasting punks in Fallout 3, or racing like mad in Grid or Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Yeah, I am an incurable PC gaming dad. One day I’m going to write a song about it. I’ll even sing it now that I have the software to correct any off key notes I wail out, which will likely be all of them. I love technology when it comes to doing these kinds of things.

On the less creative and more mundane aspects of my life our Christmas Tree is still up. It was at the insistence of my daughter, but still, it’s like half-way through January already, isn’t it?

I’m one for taking it down and putting it away once Christmas Holidays have ended. Others in the house don’t agree. I follow orders, mostly.

So, another week of toil comes to an end just in time for another to begin.

This working for oneself is onerous. The pay sucks, but the boss is somebody I can live with.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Well, Little Christmas, oh Perogie cooking man, should be known to you as January 6th, which was only Thursday. We feel it's ok for the tree to stay up until then. The one benefit to having a real tree is the necessity of taking it down before it turns into a Charlie Brown icon. :)