Sunday, December 12, 2010

snow big deal

Well I woke up this morning expecting the outside weather conditions (based on ominous and persistent forecasts) to resemble a white out happening in the Himalayas . . . what I saw was light drizzle/snow and the square root of not much in the way of accumulation.

Yeah, okay then.

I’m sure a ton more is on the way . . . yawn.

So, reading night with our writing group was a success last night. There were plenty of high calorie and surgery goodness snacks and the stories I heard were up to the high standards I’m really getting used to hearing from our group.

My own story seemed to go over pretty well though I thought I projected and possibly gave away the ending a bit too much. Not so, said the listeners. Huh, said I. But that response from them was a good one and means I won’t need to agonize to much in subsequent re-writes before sending it off to be published.

The only recurring criticism, and I do take criticism well don’t get me wrong, was that I need to use pronouns more and lay off the given names a bit. It makes sense since the story only has two characters and they are of opposite sex. SO, a more liberal use of he and she will not produce any ambiguity.

Looking forward to tidying it up and sending it on its way this month.

And I need to say a few words about my LCD television. It has a built in DVD player which has a built in USB plug. I received a few episodes of a TV show via a thumb drive from a friend. They were in hi-def avi format.

Eagerly wanting to see these episodes I plugged the thumb drive into my computer and opened up Media Player. I got great sound, and absolutely no picture. It would seem the codec for avi was not loaded. I screwed around for a while (I’m on dial-up) and soon gave up the idea of a quick fix due to limited time.

Then I recalled that my TV has a USB plug in it. Hmm, I wondered and proceeded to plug the thumb drive directly into the TV’s USB port. In astonishment the TV read the thumb drive and displayed the video files for selection. I played the first episode and it came out crystal clear (since they were hi-def files) on my TV looking as good as any DVD I own.

Yes, I really am from the stone age since this technological magic had me mentally fist pumping the air and praising the age I live in.

Of course my daughter's reaction was, “ho hum, yeah Dad, like what’s the big deal?”

I had to give her the “in my day” speech again, but it was lost to her. She is definitely growing up in an age of wonders.

Well, back to the writing board and some needed revisions to my story.

Until next Sunday . . .

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