Sunday, December 26, 2010

in excess

Oh wow, I’ve just been having a blast the last couple of days.

This Christmas season has touched off all the right nerves in me I guess. My daughter also mentioned that this was her best Christmas too.

But, I’ve also eaten too much despite my iron will to stuff in less than one metric tonne of treats per day . . . I’ve failed there.

And last night was the crowing touch on consumption. We had a couple of our long time and just plain awesome friends over for dinner. I made (with our guests copious help) my famous (well, in my mind anyhow) perogies complete with crisp bacon, savory onions, salty salt pork and masses of sour cream.

What can I say except . . . jeans do not stretch nearly enough . . . bring back the eighties and spandex pants, please. There were tasty greens as well in the form of a salad our guest brought with an incredibly tasty dressing.

Dessert . . . um, not so much.

This is not to say there was not a lot to choose from, more to say that most of us were so stuffed from perogies and greens that the thought of eating dessert was just silly . . . even if some of them were wafer thin. I did notice a few hands reaching into the Popycock crock later on, but they were not my hands.

Afterwards we played a few games of Pandemic . . . and had our diseased butts handed to us in a Petrie dish, every time. Is this game supposed to be winnable?

So, since yesterday was taken up with food prep and guests I never really got a chance to goof around with my Christmas presents which include Music Maker 16, my new music creation tool.

Yeah, today I’ll be grooving with the new computer toy, and reading the new books I received, and hanging my Harry Potter calendar up . . .what? . . . Emma is Hot! . . .

Since this is the last post of 2010 I must conclude that I did not reach my writing potential in 2010, but I did finish off the short story I was working on last week and it’s in the final stages of massage. As a matter of honour I will have it sent off before 2011 to find a magazine to live in.

And next year should see me getting a move on more shorts and maybe I’ll have some publishing credits to share with you, just like in the old days. My plan still holds at one short story and one tune per month . . . though this month, with the learning curve on the new music creation toy, I may not produce a musical creation.

Well I have so much fun stuff to get to I’ll just leave off now and proceed to indulge in my hedonistic orgy.

I must be careful not to get too excited though for fear of a heart attack . . . yeah, I’m getting to that age and last night’s feast blew the roof clean off consuming safe levels of cholesterol, fat and calories.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half9:42 am

    Thanks again! I am so stuffed, I think I won't be eating again until New Year's (unless I manange to fit some skiing in in-between).