Sunday, December 19, 2010

crazy time

Yup, Christmas is just around the corner and things are swinging into high, crazy, gear.

The shopping is mostly done, but the baking remains and I’m doing daily exercises to get in shape for the huge batch of perogies I’ll be whipping up for ourselves and guests on Christmas Day.

I believe there will be quantities of bacon, onions and salt pork involved as well as many dollops of sour cream . . . oh man, I should have died from a coronary years ago . . . but Yum!

So, with all the preparations and Holiday rush, my writing has taken a beating, but I managed to do some quality editing on the short story this week. And I will be sending it out to find a home in some magazine before the end of the month, so don’t’ worry.

I got to thinking that I should be creating a song a month too. So, I still have another to do for December and I may even be able to do it with the new software if family obligations don’t suck away too many days post Christmas.

I’m putting together enough songs to make an album. It’s called “Under the See” and will feature aquatic named instrumental tunes. So far “Whale Dance” is it. There may be a Dolphin Disco, a Squid Shuffle . . . okay, I’ll stop before you hurl.

Anyhow, as this year winds down I find myself thinking ahead to 2011 and what I want to accomplish with my time.

The high level plan consists of producing one story (which will be sent out for publication) and one song (made for fun not profit) per month. That in itself will be a huge load of work. Also, I want to keep transforming the interior of our house into something adults live in and not a collection of odds and sods you would find in a university student’s apartment.

Yes, this will mean many more trips to the auctions to find those great (and inexpensive) treasures to help make our house into a real adult home. And soon (next Spring) we will be ditching our two vehicles and going to one.

The one will likely be a van . . .I know, I swore I would never get one. I also swore I would never have kids, get married or sing in the shower . . . my word is mud.

As the years go by, and times change, I find that a lot of the things I said in my youth come back to laugh in my face, complete with a fine spray of spittle . . .

Funny how, at my advanced age, I still find myself feeling like a twenty year old . . . at least in my head. The body has other ideas though. Bad, bad body.

However, my change of lifestyle has me finding myself in far better physical shape than ever before, so the twenty-year-old analogy isn’t too far wrong.

Well, since I slept in this morning (I really hate that) I’m behind on the day’s self-appointed assignments and need to rush off and get to them.

Lastly, isn’t 2010 supposed to be the year we make contact, with aliens? . . . I did encounter a few Mexicans in town this year during strawberry picking season . . . maybe that counts?

Until next Sunday . . .

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