Sunday, November 07, 2010

fixed and facts

Fact - I’ve not done much in the way of writing this week.

Fact - the negative charge on the electron remains constant.

Fixed - the link to my audio version of Kaylie’s Smile.

I’m most happy about that last one. You see, a long time ago there was this experimental book review site called Reader’s Den and it was the host of my audio version of Kaylie’s Smile.

That site died, oh, about a year and half ago. I didn’t get around to fixing the link until two days ago . . .

Um, yeah, a bit late. But hey, it’s now operational once more so if you want to hear me read my story then, well, you can. I may even be inspired to read another of mine and post it . . .

But don’t hold your breath, unless you can hold it for about a year and a half.

Oh, the link if on the right side bar under Kaylie’s Smile (audio version), you know just in case you felt like checking it out.

A quick psychology check here to see just why I remain reluctant to dive into the old writing thing with vigor. Let’s see. I am no longer tortured by an annoying, crippling, cube-squatting day job since, well, about a year and a half now.

What this has done upstairs for me is relieve the pressures of needing to vent in the form of fiction. Writing, I think, used to be a way to cope with the stress and annoyance of cube squatting in a dumb company manned by dumb executives. With that horrible mind-numbing lifestyle gone, I’m not in need of much venting anymore.

That’s how I see it anyhow. Of course, there may be a much simpler explanation. Laziness. But, I say in defense of that accusation, I spent four hours yesterday helping grade six kids with a bottle drive which raised over two grand, and working like a slave I might add. So, the conclusion then is that I can’t really say I’m lazy.

Unmotivated is what it is.

What does this all mean? Not sure at this point. I’m still, very slowly, working my way through the third draft of my novel and, very slowly, plugging away at the current short story I’m crafting.

Not sure when, or if, I’ll get the old inspiration back what with my new awesome lifestyle of NOT cube-squatting. I’ve certainly not stopped reading though. I just hit the 50 book’s read mark yesterday for the year with almost two months left to pile up a dozen or so more.

And hey, I’ve not missed posting each week this entire year yet either so . . . um . . . yeah . . . whatever . . .

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half9:41 am

    I completely get it. I used to write like a fiend, as you might remember in the dim recesses of time. I found though that once I became more relaxed, had fewer stresses, and developed interests in many other things, I found it really hard to feel like I had inspiration, let alone time, to write. As time went by and my brain re-oriented itself, I found the inspiration returning. If I had been more gung-ho, like yourself, about writing to be actually published, I might have pushed that harder, actually done some of the exercises Ratty had suggested at the time. If the writing thing is really your goal, I think you're doing most of the things that should get you where you want to be. Write some more short stuff and let yourself be inspired. Maybe give the novel to one of us or just let it fallow a bit to give your brain a break.

  2. Grondzilla8:08 pm

    If you'd like I could go out and buy a shotgun and then randomly show up and take pot-shots at you while you're not expecting it. You you can have just enough stress to motivate you.

  3. Wonder what it says about me that I'm always stressed enough to find the need to escape into writing...

    You could try injections of monkey gland extract. The last guy who tried that was swinging through the trees and scaring people by scrabbling at their windows at night. Very exciting.