Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ctrl Alt Delete

Procrastination [Cental] (running)

(End Task)!

(Switch to)! . . . Short Story Writing.

This week has been a good one for me with regards to the production of the written word. I’m a scalp hair away from finishing a short story, one I started a while ago and one I really like.

I’ve been diligently spending every morning this week working at it and I don’t see stopping until it’s done and in the mail to some paying market.

It’s titled “Above the Crowd” and that’s all my mind will allow me to tell you about it right now. Let’s hope I can direct you soon to the magazine it will be in, if it can manage to find a home in one.

That said, I took a bit of a break from music making since last week. I dabbled a bit with the old music creation program but I know the new program is only a few weeks away so messing with the old cumbersome program has left me kind of waiting for the new one . . .

. . . if you follow me.

So, I’ve successfully managed to recharge my writing batteries by surfacing from the depths like a world war two U boat breaking the North Atlantic's surface and firing up its diesels . . .

. . . Er, um, okay, I admit it. The last dozen books I’ve read have been World War 2 history. You see, I got this entire Time Life Third Reich series at an auction a couple weeks ago, and well, I’m sort of addicted to reading them.

The series comprises 21 books chronicling the entire rise and fall of the Third Reich. Fascinating stuff . . . if you like that kind of thing.

And with regards to reading, I’m working on book number 60 right now for this year. Yeah, I know what you are thinking . . . more writing, less reading.

But I can’t help it, reading-like-a-lunatic is in my blood. Every so often I get into an uncontrollable reading frenzy and my mind must be fueled with words or grind to a halt.

On an aside, I’ve been having issues with the whole “novel” thing. I am, by my very nature, a short story creator and thrive emotionally and practically in that medium. So, that’s where, I’ve pretty much decided, I’m going to be spending my writing time.

I should have known the novel was not really for me, at least not right now anyhow. I’ve written two before the current one I'm bogged down in, and started, I think, four others before that. They all fizzle out and die eventually. Whereas my short story collection (finished I might add) hovers above the 100 mark and continues to grow.

And there is nothing wrong with creating and selling short story collections . . . is there?

Until next Sunday . . .

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