Sunday, October 31, 2010


Holy crap, doesn’t NaNoWriMo start tomorrow?

I’m going to be participating this year, but not like everybody else. Instead of shooting for 50,000 words, I’m only shooting to make sure that each and every day I spend my quality morning time writing.

Yes, it does sound a lot like my regular routine. But I need the NaNoWriMo bamboo shoot up the chute to get back into the routine of writing every day. Seems I’ve been goofing off more than writing these past months, and that behaviour has got to stop.

I’m over half-way done a new short story and NaNoWriMo should push it to finished and then out the door to seek a home in permanent ink.

It would appear that this summer, with the whole family home, screwed up my writing routine. Nine weeks of trying to stay to form while the weather was nice and the family was all home was pretty much a bust.

But it’s getting cold out now, the deciduous trees are almost bare, and I know I’ll be getting out the snow shovel soon (groan) so I need to get back to producing copy.

It’s what it’s all about.

Oh, and happy halloween . . .

Did you hear the enthusiasm there? I didn’t either. I’m just not in the Trick or Treat mood this year at all. My daughter is pumped though and we are going over to a friend’s house tonight and walking the streets with the kids. Should be, um, cold.

I bought a new toque though which is very warm. I’ll break out my winter coat and mitts as well. I may even get out my long underwear.

Wimpy? Yes. But when you spend two or three hours standing on the sidewalk at zero degrees and ninety percent humidity (like just about every day of winter around here) the cold settles right down to the marrow of your bones.

And no, I will not be dressed up as anything except a trying to stay warm old guy street walker. Maybe that passes as a costume?

Anyhow, starting tomorrow I’ll be running with the NaNoWriMo pack once more, but for entirely different reasons than cranking out another novel.

Until next Sunday . . .

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