Sunday, October 17, 2010

not at my best

I’m not going to complain . . . much.

Two days ago the plague-from-hell decided to take up residence in my body. Yeah, you know the one. Every time you swallow it’s like razor blades and rusty nails scraping down your windpipe.

And then, when you think you can’t stand it anymore, it mutates. Gone is the agonizing pain every time you swallow and you are somewhat releaved, but then comes the mucus.

Bucket loads. A house full of tissues can’t compete with your bodily production. So you resort to drugs - the stronger the better.

But all that manages to do is make you dizzy and dopey and want nothing more than to sleep. But you can’t sleep because every time you lie horizontal you are deathly afraid that mucus will envelope your entire body much like a cocoon scene from Aliens.

The worst is past though, for me. I only blow my nose once every five minute now instead of constantly. I’ve had very little sleep, and I’m cranky as all hell.

Best keep off my lawn today, unless you are there to rake leaves into compost bags.

See, the complaining is done.

But my short story isn’t. Turns out that, as it always does, it’s taking me longer to get it right despite knowing where it’s going and how it’s going to end.

And the worst part about this sudden damn affliction - I had to miss our monthly reading night which I was really looking forward to.

There was homemade pizza, lasagne and fresh-brewed coffee and well, just everything, or so I gleamed from the emails. One of our group finished his long short story and I really wanted to hear the conclusion. Virus’s suck.

Well, I’m able to function today at about fifty percent, so I’ll get to doing some work on my story and leave you to wander the web in search of real content.

And if you can help it, please try to remain virus free.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half10:55 am

    Well it was veg. chili instead of lasagne, fresh salad, home-made pizza and a great cake for afters... And yes we did miss both of you. I hope you're all better soon.