Sunday, September 12, 2010

rehab and rehash

Well, the past week was pretty much a write-off.

Yup, not a word written, but hundreds, nay, thousands, perhaps even millions of them directed in and endless stream at my inner ear.

My folks were up for the week and I spend every day visiting them, and listening to them . . . rehash everything they said the year before and the year before that.

I do love them, and I thought I was a broken record, but wow, do they have deeply ingrained thoughts that just never change as the years roll by.

Funny how parents and kids drive us crazy . . . and to think, we are parents and kids as well and most likely driving our kids and parents crazy in equal measure.

So, this coming week is going to be all about rehab. Taking time to detox from the endless audio barrage, read some good books and ease back into the real world again.

Think I’ll take in a couple of auctions, maybe go out for breakfast with my wife, play a game of Monopoly with my daughter, fire up a computer game.

And to think, all of this will eventually come to and end . . . and then tears, and likely regrets . . .

Sometimes I think it would be easier to have no emotions at all . . . or just be a dirty rotten heartless scoundrel . . .

Hey, I heard that!

I may take offense to some baggy-panted teen moron crossing indiscriminately across my lawn, and want nothing more than to see the earth open up and swallow him whole, but I still have a small spark of compassion deep down inside.

I think I would have stuck it to Gollum though . . . that would have changed the end of that book now, wouldn't it have?

Well, as always, the damn lawn needs a mow and the house needs cleaning and . . . screw it, I’m letting it all slide for another day or two.

It’s always been about me.

Until next Sunday . . .

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