Monday, August 16, 2010

a weak week

I know, I know . . .

. . . missed it by that much.

So, it’s Monday and your were wondering if I died or left the country or just became too damn lazy to post yesterday.

Well, the truth of the matter is every spare moment I had yesterday seemed to be interrupted by a major thunderstorm, and I don’t like being online when Zeus is in one of his moods.

And so, today is post day instead of . . .

. . . okay, then, I think you got it . . .

As the post title suggests, this week was not stellar for my writing. In fact, I did absolutely no writing at all. My percentage for this month is going to bite like a rabid rottweiler.

I am a bad, bad man . . . but you already knew that.

Since I had such a bad start to the week, I decided to declare the entire past week a vacation week - and so it was.

I did manage to go to two auctions though and acquired one pure awesome piece of history. I can’t reveal what it is for a few weeks, but let me just say I scooped it for very little and the cheapest one I’ve seen for sale since was selling for six times what I paid - and mine is in near mint condition, better than the other ones I’ve seen.

Don’t you just love when I get all cryptic? I’ll just say it’s bigger than a breadbox and smaller than my house . . .

. . . hey, calling me that hurts my feelings . . . what, I do have feelings . . .

I can tell you though that I picked up a coffee table for 10 bucks. Yeah, 10 bucks. It’s a queen Anne style dense particle board walnut veneer unit which looks very cool and fits in perfectly with our queen Anne style chair. Today I’ll be reconditioning its wood veneer and making it look like a 100 dollar coffee table.

How dumb I’ve been these past twenty years buying anything at a department store to furnish the house. Dumb, dumb, purebred Dumb Dumb.

Now, before you think I’ve totally lost it and have become hopelessly addicted to the whole auction thing, let me assure you I have some very specific items I am collecting to turn the family room into a 1940s lounge.

As for doing this auction thing for profit . . . that will come a bit later, once I learn how to properly recondition old stuff and do a good job of upholstery. Hey, a guy can only write so much every day before he needs to get physical . . . er, you know what I mean.

Well, I’ll try not to fake you out next Sunday, but as much as I’d like to, I have no control over the weather.

Until next Sunday . . .

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