Sunday, August 22, 2010

home reno month

Well, since my writing efforts this month seem to have walked out the door, crossed into the middle of a busy freeway and been hit by a bus - I’m declaring August “home reno month” instead.

Works for me since I’m already in the middle of redoing my daughter’s bedroom in Banana Yellow paint. I’ve already put in new lights and finished the painting part yesterday which leaves the rest of today to install the baseboard trim.

What’s nice is that you can buy white PVC trim - which means no painting the stuff after installation. Sweet!

But, as I’ve worked the last four days on home renovations . . .that damn green stuff outside has been growing like a Brazilian rainforest . . .

Don’t worry though, home reno month is only going to last another week or so and then it’s back to writing and getting that novel done.

On a side note, I got a quote to re-upholster our old chair - can you say 600 bucks!

So, with that horrible quote, I’m going to do it myself. The material will only come to about 150 bucks or so and the rest is just manual labour. That leaves me 450 bucks or so to get tools, which will only be about 150 me thinks.

So, for only half the quoted price I will have a newly upholstered chair and a project to keep me out of trouble this fall.

I’m looking forward to doing it in fact and may collect and do other projects as time goes by. If I get good enough at it I may be able to make a buck or two . . . at least that is what I tell myself and it helps justify the buying of tools.

Well, the lawn and bedroom trim needs cutting, and time marches on heedless of my manipulations of the Chronos stone . . .

So, with that I’ll toss some fuel in my belly and get at it then.

Until next Sunday . . .

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