Sunday, August 08, 2010

have a seat

Well, yesterday we found the chair we were looking for to help transform our family room into the 1940s decor we desire.

And yes, we found it at a yard sale.

Before you think I’m becoming a junk collector (I already have a book collecting problem) I’ll just say that, er, well, um . . .

. . . okay, maybe I’m heading down that road.

All I really need is dirtier clothes, a bric and brac loaded shopping cart and to start mumbling to myself in public to complete the picture.

But, back to the chair.

I can’t quite date it exactly. It has a solid wood (oak I think) frame and butt-ugly upholstery.

We are going to have it re-upholstered. Beside’s the gross and worn current covering, the chair is solid as a rock and very comfortable. I think it was built sometime around the 1930s. I have to do some more checking on it’s date, but so far finding it's match on the intertubes is a bust. The seller told me it’s 75 years old, which would put it right about the time frame I suspect though.

Whatever the actual manufacturer date we all like it (well, except my daughter who thinks it looks like a piece of scrap) and it’s style, in my eyes, just looks great. I just need to clean the exposed wood parts a bit and, like I said, change it’s diapers (so to speak) and it will be a jewel in our slowly transforming family room.

I’m off to a flea sale today to see if I can’t find myself a 1937 Bakelite phone, or a 30s desk fan, or an old floor model 30s radio I can fix up . . .

I know, I’m getting sicker, but this obsession is likely to wain at some point . . . I think they call it death.

Wish me luck as I gather goods, and be kind to that smelly, dirty junkman as he mumbles and passes you by on the sidewalk looking into the gutters for even more treasures to add to his ever growing collection . . .

. . . you never know, it might just be me.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Grondzilla10:19 am

    You should consider jumping up to a few of the auctions that seem to happen every week up in these parts. There are three auction houses that have em with regularity and with you not looking for some kind of special super expensive old thing you might very well score. Failing that we'll keep an eye out for you if we're at one in the not-to-distant.