Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today's title should be spelled Con, but if I wrote it out as Cooooooooooon, um yeah, you get it. See, phonics really doesn’t work so well for everything Alex.

So, today is my day to hit FanExpo in Toronto with my good and long time friend Joe, and get a chance to photograph and meet some really cool people.

Let’s check out a small list to see of whom I speak . . . is that proper English, do I care and why is it Special K anyhow?

Leslie Nielsen . . . I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue!

William F’n Shatner . . . a legend that just keeps growing . . . bigger.

Felicia Day . . . fantastic actress and script writer and hence a real inspiration . . . okay, sorta freckley cute too.

James Marsters . . . Spike . . . do I really need to say more?

Michelle Forbes . . . Ensign Rho . . . Oh, and that Battlestar Commander bitch as well . . .

Bruce Boxleitner . . . Sheridan . . . Love me my B5.

Summer Glau . . . River from Firefly . . . I wonder how many hearts she’s terminated so far?

Michael Dorn . . . I am not a Merry Man! . . . Classic Worf.

Ernest Borgnine . . . it's frik'n Ernest BORGNINE! . . .

Okay, so I’ve spewed enough names to assure you it’s worth the trip into the big city to shmooze with the greats past, present and future.

So, with preparation still in it’s infancy, I must get ready to head out. I’m sure to do a Con retrospective next Sunday complete with photos and stories.

On Twitter I’ll probably put a few up tonight from the Con if you want to get a sneak peak.

Well, I’m excited . . . how about you?

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half9:44 am

    I hope you manage to get in to enjoy it. Sounds like they underestimated the crowd they were going to get - with hours long lineups outside in the yucky heat.

  2. We managed to get in... then got out again as quickly as possible: