Sunday, August 01, 2010

Barbies 3

Yeah, I wrote Barbies, as in those dolls which have been around long before I was born even.

I seem to be the proud owner of three Hallmark Collector Edition ones in unopened boxes . . .

Er, how did this happen you say?

You would think it’s because my daughter begged me to get them, right?

Well, um, not exactly.

We checked out a few yard sales around the burbs yesterday and found a few items we needed. I got an angle cutter thingy (forgot the name) for making 45 degree angle cuts in wood - great for doing indoor trim of which I have some to do - for a dollar. Good deal I think. My wife picked up a ton of piano music (like 50 booklets) for a few bucks.

And at one yard sale there were these 3 Barbies on a table.

You see, the Barbies were sort of really cheap, new and in unopened boxes, and I sort of just bought all of them. They are Hallmark Collector Edition ones from 1995 and 1996. Yeah, you really needed to know that.

Now, I’m trying to resell them and make a couple bucks to offset the remodeling of our family room. I’m looking right now at trying to find an old bakelite phone circa 1940s, and old fan of the same era and I just saw a typewriter from 1949 for fifteen bucks I may go look at. These three items would be for decorative purposes and don’t have to work, but I do want a functioning mantel clock though from the period.

We did go and check out an auction in the local area but didn’t really see too much of interest. They did have an assortment of mantel clocks that may have been nice after a bit of work and repair, but we didn’t snap at any of them as none of them were precisely what we were looking for.

But I’ll keep looking and sooner or later I’m sure I’ll find just what I want for little money.

Oh, and as to the percentages, I hit 83% for July on my writing goal. Much better than the 69% of June, but still not 100%, which is the target.

I said it last month, and I’ll repeat it again this month. Next month I’m going to hit 100% . . .

. . . yeah.

Well, I should get back to my Barbies and finish up my writing for today so I can go check out that vintage typewriter and see if it’s salvageable as a display model, or not.

Until next Sunday . . .

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