Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today's title should be spelled Con, but if I wrote it out as Cooooooooooon, um yeah, you get it. See, phonics really doesn’t work so well for everything Alex.

So, today is my day to hit FanExpo in Toronto with my good and long time friend Joe, and get a chance to photograph and meet some really cool people.

Let’s check out a small list to see of whom I speak . . . is that proper English, do I care and why is it Special K anyhow?

Leslie Nielsen . . . I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue!

William F’n Shatner . . . a legend that just keeps growing . . . bigger.

Felicia Day . . . fantastic actress and script writer and hence a real inspiration . . . okay, sorta freckley cute too.

James Marsters . . . Spike . . . do I really need to say more?

Michelle Forbes . . . Ensign Rho . . . Oh, and that Battlestar Commander bitch as well . . .

Bruce Boxleitner . . . Sheridan . . . Love me my B5.

Summer Glau . . . River from Firefly . . . I wonder how many hearts she’s terminated so far?

Michael Dorn . . . I am not a Merry Man! . . . Classic Worf.

Ernest Borgnine . . . it's frik'n Ernest BORGNINE! . . .

Okay, so I’ve spewed enough names to assure you it’s worth the trip into the big city to shmooze with the greats past, present and future.

So, with preparation still in it’s infancy, I must get ready to head out. I’m sure to do a Con retrospective next Sunday complete with photos and stories.

On Twitter I’ll probably put a few up tonight from the Con if you want to get a sneak peak.

Well, I’m excited . . . how about you?

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, August 22, 2010

home reno month

Well, since my writing efforts this month seem to have walked out the door, crossed into the middle of a busy freeway and been hit by a bus - I’m declaring August “home reno month” instead.

Works for me since I’m already in the middle of redoing my daughter’s bedroom in Banana Yellow paint. I’ve already put in new lights and finished the painting part yesterday which leaves the rest of today to install the baseboard trim.

What’s nice is that you can buy white PVC trim - which means no painting the stuff after installation. Sweet!

But, as I’ve worked the last four days on home renovations . . .that damn green stuff outside has been growing like a Brazilian rainforest . . .

Don’t worry though, home reno month is only going to last another week or so and then it’s back to writing and getting that novel done.

On a side note, I got a quote to re-upholster our old chair - can you say 600 bucks!

So, with that horrible quote, I’m going to do it myself. The material will only come to about 150 bucks or so and the rest is just manual labour. That leaves me 450 bucks or so to get tools, which will only be about 150 me thinks.

So, for only half the quoted price I will have a newly upholstered chair and a project to keep me out of trouble this fall.

I’m looking forward to doing it in fact and may collect and do other projects as time goes by. If I get good enough at it I may be able to make a buck or two . . . at least that is what I tell myself and it helps justify the buying of tools.

Well, the lawn and bedroom trim needs cutting, and time marches on heedless of my manipulations of the Chronos stone . . .

So, with that I’ll toss some fuel in my belly and get at it then.

Until next Sunday . . .

Monday, August 16, 2010

a weak week

I know, I know . . .

. . . missed it by that much.

So, it’s Monday and your were wondering if I died or left the country or just became too damn lazy to post yesterday.

Well, the truth of the matter is every spare moment I had yesterday seemed to be interrupted by a major thunderstorm, and I don’t like being online when Zeus is in one of his moods.

And so, today is post day instead of . . .

. . . okay, then, I think you got it . . .

As the post title suggests, this week was not stellar for my writing. In fact, I did absolutely no writing at all. My percentage for this month is going to bite like a rabid rottweiler.

I am a bad, bad man . . . but you already knew that.

Since I had such a bad start to the week, I decided to declare the entire past week a vacation week - and so it was.

I did manage to go to two auctions though and acquired one pure awesome piece of history. I can’t reveal what it is for a few weeks, but let me just say I scooped it for very little and the cheapest one I’ve seen for sale since was selling for six times what I paid - and mine is in near mint condition, better than the other ones I’ve seen.

Don’t you just love when I get all cryptic? I’ll just say it’s bigger than a breadbox and smaller than my house . . .

. . . hey, calling me that hurts my feelings . . . what, I do have feelings . . .

I can tell you though that I picked up a coffee table for 10 bucks. Yeah, 10 bucks. It’s a queen Anne style dense particle board walnut veneer unit which looks very cool and fits in perfectly with our queen Anne style chair. Today I’ll be reconditioning its wood veneer and making it look like a 100 dollar coffee table.

How dumb I’ve been these past twenty years buying anything at a department store to furnish the house. Dumb, dumb, purebred Dumb Dumb.

Now, before you think I’ve totally lost it and have become hopelessly addicted to the whole auction thing, let me assure you I have some very specific items I am collecting to turn the family room into a 1940s lounge.

As for doing this auction thing for profit . . . that will come a bit later, once I learn how to properly recondition old stuff and do a good job of upholstery. Hey, a guy can only write so much every day before he needs to get physical . . . er, you know what I mean.

Well, I’ll try not to fake you out next Sunday, but as much as I’d like to, I have no control over the weather.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, August 08, 2010

have a seat

Well, yesterday we found the chair we were looking for to help transform our family room into the 1940s decor we desire.

And yes, we found it at a yard sale.

Before you think I’m becoming a junk collector (I already have a book collecting problem) I’ll just say that, er, well, um . . .

. . . okay, maybe I’m heading down that road.

All I really need is dirtier clothes, a bric and brac loaded shopping cart and to start mumbling to myself in public to complete the picture.

But, back to the chair.

I can’t quite date it exactly. It has a solid wood (oak I think) frame and butt-ugly upholstery.

We are going to have it re-upholstered. Beside’s the gross and worn current covering, the chair is solid as a rock and very comfortable. I think it was built sometime around the 1930s. I have to do some more checking on it’s date, but so far finding it's match on the intertubes is a bust. The seller told me it’s 75 years old, which would put it right about the time frame I suspect though.

Whatever the actual manufacturer date we all like it (well, except my daughter who thinks it looks like a piece of scrap) and it’s style, in my eyes, just looks great. I just need to clean the exposed wood parts a bit and, like I said, change it’s diapers (so to speak) and it will be a jewel in our slowly transforming family room.

I’m off to a flea sale today to see if I can’t find myself a 1937 Bakelite phone, or a 30s desk fan, or an old floor model 30s radio I can fix up . . .

I know, I’m getting sicker, but this obsession is likely to wain at some point . . . I think they call it death.

Wish me luck as I gather goods, and be kind to that smelly, dirty junkman as he mumbles and passes you by on the sidewalk looking into the gutters for even more treasures to add to his ever growing collection . . .

. . . you never know, it might just be me.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Barbies 3

Yeah, I wrote Barbies, as in those dolls which have been around long before I was born even.

I seem to be the proud owner of three Hallmark Collector Edition ones in unopened boxes . . .

Er, how did this happen you say?

You would think it’s because my daughter begged me to get them, right?

Well, um, not exactly.

We checked out a few yard sales around the burbs yesterday and found a few items we needed. I got an angle cutter thingy (forgot the name) for making 45 degree angle cuts in wood - great for doing indoor trim of which I have some to do - for a dollar. Good deal I think. My wife picked up a ton of piano music (like 50 booklets) for a few bucks.

And at one yard sale there were these 3 Barbies on a table.

You see, the Barbies were sort of really cheap, new and in unopened boxes, and I sort of just bought all of them. They are Hallmark Collector Edition ones from 1995 and 1996. Yeah, you really needed to know that.

Now, I’m trying to resell them and make a couple bucks to offset the remodeling of our family room. I’m looking right now at trying to find an old bakelite phone circa 1940s, and old fan of the same era and I just saw a typewriter from 1949 for fifteen bucks I may go look at. These three items would be for decorative purposes and don’t have to work, but I do want a functioning mantel clock though from the period.

We did go and check out an auction in the local area but didn’t really see too much of interest. They did have an assortment of mantel clocks that may have been nice after a bit of work and repair, but we didn’t snap at any of them as none of them were precisely what we were looking for.

But I’ll keep looking and sooner or later I’m sure I’ll find just what I want for little money.

Oh, and as to the percentages, I hit 83% for July on my writing goal. Much better than the 69% of June, but still not 100%, which is the target.

I said it last month, and I’ll repeat it again this month. Next month I’m going to hit 100% . . .

. . . yeah.

Well, I should get back to my Barbies and finish up my writing for today so I can go check out that vintage typewriter and see if it’s salvageable as a display model, or not.

Until next Sunday . . .