Sunday, July 25, 2010

getting conned

With all the excitement - well, maybe just for us Geeks - swirling around Comicon in California this weekend, I’m starting to itch rather badly to attend a Con myself . . . and soon.

Which is great because in a little over a month Toronto will once again be putting on FanExpo where tons of great geek attractions will be assembled for adoring Geeks. This ensemble will include some of my favourite geek actors and actresses too.

There are so many actors/actresses to list, I’ll just leave you to check the site out if you really need/want/must know who they are.

I’m taking my daughter this year. Should be a lot of fun, if she doesn’t complain too much about getting tired and mingling with the hordes and having to hang around Dad for a spell in public while I get my geek on . . .

. . . hmm, maybe I should leave her at home.

But, in the mean time, if you want to gear yourself up for attending an event then go over to Twitter, do a search on Comicon, and check out all the pictures being displayed by fans and actors and see if it doesn’t sway you to attend a con yourself.

Okay, so I said you could look up the FanExpo guests yourself, but I’m looking at the list now and getting pumped to say a quick hello, I like your work, and here is some chocolate because, well, it’s what I do for con guests, . . . . um . . . . just the females though, sorry guys . . .

So, the female guests I’ll likely be plying with chocolates this year will be: Summer Glau, Michelle Forbes, Felicia Day, and Joan Collins.

And the male guests I will not be plying with chocolate will be: William F’n Shatner, James Marsters, Leslie Nielson, and can you believe this - Ernest Borgnine!

I only go one day of this event, the Saturday. I get there early, spend the entire day sucking up the vibes, then I gather my digital pics and memories and head back home. And yes, the Sunday after you will be treated to my review of the event including pictures.

Well, other writing duties beckon, and I must attend to them now.

Until next Sunday . . .

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