Sunday, July 18, 2010

anti-bore decor

Well, we are making the attempt . . . again.

Interior decorating, that is.

Something we admit to sucking at, but we are going to try following a suggestion from friends we talked with over the past week. It’s called going with what interests you and building a room around said interest.

So, we are picking one room of our house (our Family room) and trying to be more creative than just plopping down random on-sale crap from Ikea or Sears.

Yes, it’s a lot of work . . . but we have a cunning plan, one so cunning you could cut it with a knife . . .

. . . um, okay then.

The plan for the first room is to go with something of an interest to me.

1939 - 1945.

World War Two years, for those unfamiliar with those dates.

It all started with my Birthday present which was the famous (okay, maybe only to war buffs) painting by Clarke of a Spitfire. It’s a huge print measuring twenty four by forty inches and, if I may say so, it looks damn cool.

It will be the centerpiece which will sit above out fireplace mantle once it’s all plaqued. Plaqued means laminated to a piece of 1/4 inch thick particle board with a non glare coating.

I also got another print (twenty by twenty four inches) of three spitfires patrolling the skies above London . . . England, not Ontario.

Next I went to our local war book reservoir, which has literally thousands for sale, and found a Robert Taylor picture book. He’s painted many World War Two plane pictures covering every aspect of the air war during that period. All the prints in the book are eleven by fourteen inches and look great in plain black frames.

The frames all came from Michaels, and we got 55% off of them all which made the cost of framing pretty damn inexpensive.

Grant total so far is thirteen framed or plaqued pictures - it's kind of money we don’t really have, but the room will look so much better for it.

Other ideas for the room include collecting antiques (cheap auction ones) like an old 1940s phone, fan and mantle clock, plus a period sofa, chair and bookshelf.

Maybe we are nuts, but it just may be that we are on to something. So far all our decorating ideas have been a total bust. Our house looks like a warehouse sale collection of functional, and generally not very interesting, stuff.

Those making it to our next reading night will get to see the pictures at least and tell us if we are nuts . . . if I get ambitious I may even take some pictures of the finished walls and post them.

Oh, and my 1/32 tank model (a German Panther) sits on the mantle now too . . . my wife thinks it looks “cute.” Huh, a panther tank referred to as cute . . . may be the first time in history one was ever called such.

Anyway, my next 1/32 model project (I’m working on it right now) is a Spitfire MK 1a.

I like the theme and as long as my wife finds things “cute” we may have a winner for decorating that room. She gets to pick the theme for the next room after this one is done . . . I think it will be flowers . . . maybe poppies?

Until next Sunday . . .

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