Sunday, June 27, 2010


So far during this revision of my novel I've added approximately eleven thousand new words taking it up over the 83,000 word mark. I’m almost at the half-way point, so this is good progress - as far as proper word count goes.

But it seems to be taking so gosh dang long to get finished. I work at it every day (well, almost every day). It’s such a different animal than the short stories I seem capable of banging out in about two hours, plus the necessary few days afterwards for revision and clean-up.

The novel seems to be like working on thirty linked short stories at the same time. Way more work and concentration needed to deal with that amount of prose.

Still, I’m getting excited about the prospect of doing a polishing draft or three after I finally nail down this, the third draft. I’m really hoping to have this novel polished and have ready for a buyer sometime this fall.

Then, it will be on to a bunch of half-formed short stories swirling around inside my noggin. I have one I’m polishing right now destined for Asimovs, but with the novel taking precedence, it’s more like tacking on another chapter to revise and hence not going quickly either.

I’ve come to the conclusion that writing and trying to sell your prose may be the hardest job on earth - even harder than scrubbing latrines with toothbrushes - and it seems slower.

Now, back to the trenches for me.

Until next Sunday . . .

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    It's probably not as stinky though....