Sunday, June 13, 2010



seems somebody doesn’t like the image of Bruce Lee on my outside light.

Last night, some idiot, took it upon himself, or herself, to toss and egg at my light, missing of course. It splattered on the outside bricks beside my front door, making, as you would expect, a mess.

Thanks . . .

Seems to me no matter what man, or woman, does there are always idiots out there who just have to try and make a mess of things.

I know, it’s the nature of idiots, but it still rankles.

Now, if I were to be annoyed by Bruce on a light outside somebody’s house, I would get much more creative than tossing an egg. How about drawing a mustache on with a permanent marker, or hanging a black belt across the light or any number of less destructive activities to make your point . . . if there was a point, other than advertising that you are and idiot.

Oh, it’s because idiots take the easiest, most destructive way being less than intelligent enough to think of something clever.

Probably the person that did it is also one of the ones responsible for toppling over gravestones in our town . . .


On the bright side of today, we had a fun reading night again last night. The regulars were out and we got to hear more excellent works of fiction from all.

So, while some idiot was out plotting the egging of Bruce Lee, more intelligent people were indoors sharing their creativity with others.

Until next Sunday . . .

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