Sunday, May 09, 2010

earning and burning

Happy Mother’s Day . . .

There, that’s out of the way.


So, what would another week going by be without me reinventing myself again?

Stagnant, I assume.

With that in mind I’ve come up with a stellar way to keep myself writing while still finding the time to enjoy the things I like to do for fun.

Cryptic enough? Let me explain.

I really, really enjoy watching DVD shows, playing computer games and reading.

But, if I did those things while ignoring the writing - well, disaster would be the consequence.

So, I’ve instituted a method to keep the two parts of my life in balance. I call it earning and burning - credits.

What are credits? Well, they are actually 20 sided dice . . .

. . . I see the look. The 20 sided dice (I seem to have, um a few) are placeholders for credits earned. How I earn a credit is by doing a session of writing or exercising. Every time I complete one session I put one 20 sided dice into a plastic cup. It is now a credit earned. Credits are roughly 45 minute blocks of time.

When I get the urge to play a computer game, read a great book or watch a DVD show I need to have a credit in the cup to burn. No credit earned = no credit burned, and no fun stuff until I earn one.

Has it worked?

Yes, in fact it has. I started it May 1st and so far it’s been a great system. The credits go in and out pretty quickly, but so far I’ve always had credits to burn when I want to goof off. The danger of running out of credits keeps me earning them at a pretty continuous pace.

So there, until another better system of checks and balances comes along I’ll be using this one.

And yes, it did snow last night. Not much, but enough to coat the grass and cars with a white frosty coating - and not like the good kind you find on the top of cupcakes either. The plus side of all this weird weather has been much needed precipitation. Our rain meter cup outside has run over - a good sign for the local plant life.

Well, my time is up and I have to go exercise soon and then call my Mommy.

Until next Sunday . . .

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