Sunday, May 16, 2010

because it is Sunday

Why else would this post appear?

Oh . . .

. . . you were thinking that I may have something interesting to write about?

Um . . . well . . . er . . . not really.

I can tell you that our search for a canine companion has come up empty, though one prospect is in the works . . . I think. However, the animal protection society we are looking to get him from is entirely volunteer and hence, very, very slow to reply. This is not a criticism, only a statement of fact. These people do incredible work and without them many more pets would be pushing up daisies instead of entertaining new owners.

On the writing front, I’m battling through chapter four right now in third draft. It’s another chapter (like the first two) that I believe is going to mutate into two chapters from sheer length. Which is all good since I still need about 1000 words to hit the magic 80,000 mark.

I will reach that point without any difficulty as I still have twelve more chapters to revise. And it’s just damn slow work . . . or perhaps I need to work more on it every day?

For those thinking of a writing career, let me set a few things down about that. Writing is a solitary pursuit and only you, the writer, can make a career out of it. It pays about two cents an hour over the life of your career. Also, nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, gives a rat’s ass whether you make it as a writer or not. The only person that cares is you, the writer. So, keeping that in mind, go to it, become the next Rowling - but please, please don’t think anybody else in the universe will get you there except yourself.

I’m not bitter about the whole process, though I sure sound like it now, don’t I? What I’m trying to say is writing is a damn lot of excruciatingly hard, predominantly unrewarding work that nobody will really appreciate. So, as a career writer - you must learn to deal with that.

Told you I had nothing much to say today.

And griping does not count as something to say. In fact those same people that don’t give a rat’s ass also don’t want to here you gripe, or whine, or bitch, or moan. So don’t - another piece of free advice.

On the exercise front, I’m doing quite well. With the weather getting nicer I’m able to go for a one hour walk almost every day. Two days a week I do weights to fight off the old-man-saggy-muscle look (okay, I’m not quite at that stage yet) but I do own some polyester pants . . . and they are starting to smell . . . kidding!

Well, I’m quite sure you have other things to entertain you on the intertubes, and this post has probably overstayed its welcome.

I will say that within a couple of weeks I’ll be submitting a short story with hopes of it appearing in print.

You see, I care to get published again even if the universe and all its other creations don’t.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Good luck with the short story! Or should I say break a pen?