Sunday, March 14, 2010

highs and lows and ugliness

This past week has been a mixed bag of lows, highs and even a dash of some ugly. Allow me to explain.

The lows - our last rat buddy, Fluffy, passed away . . . It wasn’t all unexpected and sudden like, but it still caused us a bunch of grief, and yes, I did find water getting into my eyes at various times after the event.

Fluffy had really been slowing down the last two weeks, he was pushing 2 ½ years old after all, and sometime Wednesday overnight he lay down for the last time and the little spark of his life burned out. Fluffy is now in the garden next to Snow and Harry, and so closes an era of wonderful rat buddies. Because of severe allergies though, we are not getting any more. The house seems that much quieter now and I still find myself looking at the spot where his cage used to be . . .

Another low, was finding out from the tax man that we are going to have to cough up some dough, thus pretty much cancelling out any cash we get back for the home renovation credit I’ll be applying for because of installing the new furnace last fall.

Thank you money-grubbing government base-tards! I’m beginning to understand why human history is rife with revolutions . . .

The highs - I went to reading night last night and had a great, though long, time. On the way there I had dumped into my mp3 player all the vinyl albums I had converted to digital the past two weeks, and, since I was driving alone, I had the tunes pumping like I was some pubescent teenage twit . . .

Yeah, I loved it - Billy Idol, Mental as Anything, Saga, Styx, After the Fire, . . . I had an absolute blast. My cobalt has the funky six speaker setup, plus a ten inch sub woofer in the truck, so yeah, I was one of those idiots you hear thumping along the street last night - sorry, I’ll try not to do it again any time soon.

And blasting is exactly what the weather was doing last night as will which included lots of dangerously swaying trees overhanging the highway and lots of sheeting rain. The drive, though sucky, was more than made happy by my ability to rock to some fantastic tunes of old so overall it was a high.

The ugly - spending way too much time agonizing over the next draft of my novel. It’s taking and excruciatingly long time to work through the third draft. I either have a really crappy second draft, or I’m causing myself unnecessary internal hemorrhaging trying to make it as perfect as I can.

All this pain and suffering though is for you, the reader. When it gets published, I don’t want to torture you more than in necessary, and so all this behind the scenes suffering on my part . . . and despite my best efforts I’m sure there will still linger sections of suck . . . Oh well, one does not become a master writer overnight.

In fact, I believe it takes about somewhere between four to five thousand nights to reach that level of competency . . . and I’m afraid that I’m still not close to that place yet . . .

But I try, oh how I do try.

Well, I’m already running behind today because of a late reading night and the time changing robbing me of an hour too, so with that, I’ll let you get on with your day.

Until next Sunday . . .

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