Sunday, March 07, 2010

crawling to the finish lines

Terry Brooks may have said, “life is a long time” but while I slowly, and I mean slowly, work away at my novel's final draft each day I’m beginning to wonder if my life will actually be long enough for me to see this novel through to its completion.

Now granted, I’m not one of those writers that spends fifteen hours a day writing with the other waking hour used to process food . . . so I don’t expect my progress to be that of a Piers Anthony . . . still . . . working at the craft is a very, very, very time consuming process for small gains.

I do write every day in the mornings until lunch, so don’t think that is the problem. It’s just that after the morning ends I tend to all the mundane things around the house that any good homeowner needs attending to . . . like cooking, cleaning, banking, shopping and the like.

And I must admit, my stamina for writing does not include working at it the entire day anyhow. If I tried that I would burn out like a candle tossed into an incinerator . . . and so I don’t. Dogged-turtle-slow is my natural work speed, which means I may, or may not, have the final draft of my novel completed this year. I’m really hoping to, but I just can’t make any promises.

So, what the paragraphs above are meant to tell you in too many words is . . . I don’t have much of an update on the novel for you. Chapter one is still under final draft construction with fourteen more waiting in line behind that.

On other fronts though some progress is being made. With regards to my losing some weight, I’m happy to announce that three pounds have left me and don’t seem to be returning. The weather is helping in this regard as I can go out for a good one hour walk each day instead of sitting on the couch reading . . .

. . . which brings me to just how much I’ve been reading. Would you believe fourteen novels already this year? Well, it’s true. As a writer, I naturally love books and spend some time each afternoon reading them. Also, now that I don’t spend nine plus hours in cubicle hell I have time to get at my vast collection of books. Believe it or not, but I’m getting ahead of my book collecting these days. I’ve only bought ten books so far this year . . . so, my library of ‘to-be-read-books’ has already shrunk by four . . . progress, of a sort.

I had mentioned last week that I’m converting my vinyl collection to digital . . . talk about another slow, slow process. As I revise my novel in the mornings I also record an album or two. It’s kind of neat getting to hear the old tunes again while I’m working away. But, I have only converted about ten albums so far . . . with about two hundred or so to go . . .

Seems like the theme of my existence these days is treading-in-molasses with the finish lines mere specks in the extreme far distance. Still, even minor progress on all fronts is better than no progress at all.

So, I’ll just keep plodding along and as time goes by more and more of my goals will become complete . . . provided I live long enough, that is . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half9:39 am

    I find the digitizing quite slow as well, and as I have to take over Grond's computer to do so, it doesn't happen regularly. And I suppose good for you on your reading list. Mine's still a good 5 years long, despite also not being required to sit in a cubical-like place. But I don't read just fiction and I don't set aside that afternoon every day - just too darn busy!