Sunday, February 28, 2010

weights and measures and vinyl

It seems to me that I went about this losing-some-weight-thing all wrong, terribly wrong, in fact.

What I tried turned me into a snarling hard-to-be-with grump . . . and, I know what you are thinking - how did anybody notice a difference from my usual self?

Well, I was grumpy, really grumpy, even for me.

You see, what I tried to do was consume lots of fruits and vegetables . . . but biologically speaking, I am not a lemur, and hence the disruption to my normal bodily functioning and subsequent added cantankerousness.

Going back two weeks and thinking about my diet, it was interesting to find that I had consumed next to no carbohydrates or proteins. I know now that my body does not function well, or pretty much at all, without vast quantities of both of these essential bio fuels.

Once recognized, I immediately got out a small chart and began following Canada’s food guide (not Africa’s - too many mashed insects), and found that I needed a whole whack of grains and some dairy and meat-type products each day.

And do you know what?

I’m feeling my old grumpy self again (the tolerable one) and less the new grumpy self (the intolerable one).

Despite this minor setback, how is my plan of losing unnecessary bulk progressing?

So far, so good. I’m dumped almost 5 pounds in two weeks and still have all my limbs.

During my weight adjustment procedures I also shattered another myth about the appropriate way to reduce said bulk. I used to always say, quite smugly I might add, that if a person wanted to lose weight all a person needed to do was “exercise more, eat less.”

This, my friends, is utter bullshit!

Here is the naked reality - “exercise more, eat just as much, but make sure it’s the right just as much.”

That’s all there is to it. So, with that in mind, I’ve started a program (I have time now) of going for an hour walk each day come rain, shine, snowstorm, windstorm, or whatever and will follow Canada’s food guide. I start that program in earnest tomorrow, which brings me to my writing plans and how they are shaping up . . .

Unlike my aging body, my novel ‘Typhoon Rising’ needs to put on weight to become a full-fledged novel. I have cleaned off my writing lair’s kitchen table (I got it for five bucks at a yard sale - and yes, I think it originally came from the “Leave it to Beaver” set), and have paper, pencils, erasers, red pens and just about anything else I may need to get the job of a third, and hopefully last draft, done before victims volunteer readers will get a look at it for final, helpful suggestions. I need to add roughly ten thousand words and have plans to do just that. It really won’t be too hard I think, and over the next three months I will be working maniacally toward that end.

Which now brings me to another discovery I made this week. I found out how to transfer my old vinyl albums to digital without shelling out for special gadgets. This has filled me with childish glee. Now, the two hundred plus albums I have (mostly 80's pop delights - well, delights for me anyhow) I can turn into mp3s for my listening and writing pleasure. So far I’ve added some Billy Idol, Nik Kershaw, Men at Work, and Bananarama to my digital collection . . . Yes, I may have a slight love of music from that era - sue me!

And the whole process was cobbled together with equipment and gizmos I already had around the house - so the total cost to convert my vinyl to digital was precisely zero dollars - my kind of price tag!

I see, once again, that I have exceeded my rambling space for the week, so will cut out of here and likely go convert another album . . . Hmm, maybe Rush, or Paul Young!

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. grondzilla3:30 pm

    I suspect that the well understood proviso (or clarification) in 'Eat Less and Do More' is 'Eat Less *crap*'. The general advice is really for people who are eating far too much...and bad more...and sitting on their butts.

    People who are looking at ditching ten to twenty-five pounds are not the ones who seriously need to eat significantly less...just eat properly and indeed exercise more. Being at the higher end of this lower group I know that eating less and doing more pretty much works every time...without making me unpleasant to be around (other than the normal levels of 'unpleasant to be around' which is true regardless of my physical condition).