Sunday, February 21, 2010

make mine a triple

All batteries need recharging - unless they are those alkaline throwaway types - shame on you if you are still using them!

But I refer to my own levels of energy and how they need a boost these days. I’ve been finding the writing grind, well, sort of, a grind the past week or so.

It may just be the ‘final draft’ jitters as in - "holy crap, I’m actually going to have a viable, saleable novel soon" - causing me to stall a wee bit. I am not, nor have I ever been, a perfectionist, so that can not be the problem for the stumbling.

Self doubt?

Hmm, could be. I usually take the inner critic two falls out of three, but this time he seems to be vying for the belt - damn him, damn him to hell!

But, enough of that exposition of inner turmoil - suffice to say that no matter what comes along to hinder me, I’m forging ahead with the third and final draft (before the fourth and even more final polish) of my novel ‘Typhoon Rising’. I would so love to post later this year - “I SOLD IT” . . .

. . . So, if you and I ever want to see that blog heading before 2058, I guess I better tap the reserve battery packs, use the illegal nut-cracker fighting technique on the inner critic, and just get to it.

I am also going to be in for a grueling and physically challenging week ahead. I made the mistake of checking the weather forecast this morning, and it promised “heaps upon heaps” of back-breaking snow - pretty much falling from the sky all week long without letup.

I don’t have a snow blower, or a flame thrower, or a teenage neighbour who likes to work for peanuts (do teenagers work at all anymore, for anything?), so I’ll be doing the manual labour thing myself amid cursing, grunting, and shoveling like a bat out of the Arctic . . .

. . . and, with regret, I’ve had to turn on comment moderation for every post here. Seems that “losers” are getting good at fooling the software designed to avoid them and sneaking sex link and advertising crap into my blog comments. So, if you are legit, you will see a delay as I review your post and decide if you are human, or one of those blighted, arse-licking, dog-breathed, waste-of-space, spammer A-Holes . . .

And speaking of the Olympics, which I wasn’t but it’s just how my mind navigates reality, I have seen one Austrian woman (girl? - they look so damn young to my aging eyes) go down a ski hill - and that was purely by accident at the library while waiting for my daughter to pick out a book.

I guess I’m just not a trending kind of guy. Or patriotic. Yes the winter Olympics are in Canada this year, and yes I’m Canadian, but, um, well whatever . . .

I get more excited about reading the Well series by Chalker than watching “amateur” (don’t get me started on this one) athletes doing things that cause my muscles to ache just looking at them.

And who is this Lady GaGa anyhow? If she is in the loop, thank somebody that I am not. Give me weird Al any day over this new and disturbing trend in, um, music icons?

Well, my time has expired. I’ll just go plug myself in now and get powered up for the writing sessions I’ve planned, and wait for the snows to fall fast and heavy . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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