Sunday, January 10, 2010

sometimes life stinks

I’ve had a lot of horrible news this week - but nothing about me or my family directly. Still, it has not been emotionally fun to deal with.

Our friends, I just found out last night, suffered a personal loss, and I’m really sorry about it. Though they seemed okay to me, having gone through something similar about six years back, I know it hurts - a lot. It was great to see them both last night and Carol’s and my thoughts are with them.

Also, our daughter’s cello teacher seems to be have had one hell of a sorry Christmas holiday and a sucky New Year. Her husband’s brother died Christmas day and her own sister is doing very badly and is not expected to live much longer. Again, my thoughts and wishes go out to both of them during this awful time.

Sorry to poop on your Sunday like this, but it’s good once in a while to realize that life has its ups and its downs and that’s what makes us all humans, not robots.

As for my own self-centered life (put into perspective by the above), I’ve been editing my current new project, which is my own take on the whole super-hero taradiddle. I’m pretty pumped about it, and hope I can get most of this tale written this year. It will be the first short story collection I start pimping to the general public.

And with that in mind I’ve been doing a lot of “research” by reading X-Men TPB comic collections (from the 80s) and watching the 90s X-Men cartoon. Suffice to say that my female super-hero has some similarities to my favourite Marvel creation, that feisty Southern Belle; Rogue. I’ll not say too much more except to mention that it is, at least I hope, not the usual run-of-the-mill super-hero tale.

To leave off on an up note, I was surprised yesterday to step onto the scales, which I’ve pretty much given up doing this past year, to find that I was UP about eight pounds *shock*

Damn you Santa, damn you to hell!

Next year all I want from that jolly fat man is socks and underwear . . . oh, and maybe a gift certificate to Chapters, or Future Shop, but definitely - NO MORE TREATS!

Well, off to do more rease . . . um, work, on my super-hero stuff. A writer’s life is never one of just sitting around and goofi . . . um . . . so . . . yeah . . . I better get at it then.

Until Next Sunday . . .

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