Sunday, January 17, 2010

I got a sock

Well, more than one. In fact, I got twelve pairs yesterday, and they are all the same.


Simple, I’m like Einstein . . .

. . . when it comes to wardrobe choices, that is . . . and bad hair days.

You see, Einstein had a bunch of suits and they were all the same cut, colour and style. So, in the morning when he got up, he didn’t need to spend any time thinking about what to wear leaving his mind free to ponder more important things.

I’m that way with my socks. I don’t even need to pair them up since they are all tube style, white and exactly the same. They sit in a big jumble in my top drawer and wait for me, blindfolded or not, to pull two out in the morning and put them on.

Simple, like Einstein.

The real trick of this life of sock ease, is in making sure you find the right sock for you before stocking up. It’s got to fit properly and ride up your calf the right amount to be comfortable. I happened upon the perfect ones about ten years ago and have never switched since. When you do find the perfect fit and style for you, snap them up and make sure you have enough to last two weeks. Better yet, enquire as to whether they will still be around years from now when your current stock ends up full of holes needs replacing.

My life of having the perfect socks wasn’t always so. In the past, like most people, I had several styles of socks in my drawer and it would take me quite a while of fumbling about to find that matching pair. And, as you all know, it only takes a few washes to lose one, and then they don’t pair up anymore. So my solution was to find the socks I like and get only those. Now, one lost sock doesn’t mean squat!

Where, or is it wear, am I going with this?

Well, I just thought I would share a little trick that has simplified my life a whole bunch. Life is full of opportunities like this and it’s up to you to see and seize upon them when they come along.

I would find it a pity for you to be wearing that perfect fitting, comfortable pair of socks around the house, or at work, and then not follow up and make sure all your socks fit and feel as well all the time.

Hey, if the idea was good enough for Einstein, then it’s good enough for me.

And just for the record, I put the right one on first . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half3:38 pm

    I have discovered that the perfect sock for me is one I make for myself. They always fit, rarely, if ever, fall down, and I don't feel like I'm swimming in my big sister's clothing. The fact that they're all different from each other takes away from the simplicity of your plan, but as life is too short to sort socks, I'm ok if they don't always match ;P