Sunday, January 03, 2010

another year blows

by me. But it’s been a pretty good one, as far as years that blow go.

For one, I’ve managed to extricate myself from the cubicle hell I found myself mired in for two decades. My health has improved because of it, and I’ve managed to work a lot more on my craft; writing that is - not just basket weaving and shaking my walking stick at them damn kids getting too close to my yard.

It’s also been a bizarre year, with more than one raised eyebrow and passive-aggressive comment directed towards me about my new choice in life. Funny how it’s socially acceptable to have a mother at home, and unacceptable to have a father do exactly the same - generally speaking that is. There are one or two people I’ve encountered who appear to back my decision - and they likely get raised eyebrows and passive-aggressive crap thrown in their eating troughs coming to my defense. Thank you to those few who understand and support what I’m doing. I wonder if Galileo felt like this?

But I’m not bitter. In fact I stand one hundred percent behind my decision, and to hell with all those who are just dying to know when I’m going to get back out there and find a “real job” again. . .

. . . can blood actually boil - you know, inside a living body?

On the writing front, which is actually the only front I want to fight on, I’m getting much closer to having my novel “Typhoon Rising” ready to hit some editor’s slush piles. After doing a word count, I found it currently weighs in around 68,000 words, not the 50 odd thousand I thought it was. When, I hope this year, I get it worked up to the magical number of 80,000 plus, which in the traditional publishing world will grant it the official status of “novel”, I can send it out to search for a proper home, possibly making me some coin in the process.

I know that paragraph reads between the lines with a lot of “possiblies” and “ifs” and “maybes”. But that seems the reality of getting your written product out there in exchange for some food in here.

And since it’s the start of a new year now, I’ll outline my plans and goals for 2010. These are projects I want to complete, and I will be working towards them every day I can, but they are only my guidelines not my rails.

I’m going to have one complete short story written every month. More precisely, one short story complete for each of our monthly reading nights - which amounts to the same thing but not bound to a certain “first-of-the-month” deadline.

I’ll be working towards two complete sets of short story collections. The first is a series of horror mysteries set in a Cthulhu Mythos world taking place in a fictional landscape of my creation. The second is my newest short story project which is sort of a superhero collection of linked tales, but with a much more psychological twist to it than I’ve seen before in this genre. I’m pretty pumped about both possibilities, and I hope it will show in the finished products.

Next up is my book learn’n goals. Last year I said I wanted to read a total of 10,000 words. In fact I read 16,000 plus words (52 books) - a definite win, and I think, a must for any writer. Though I have heard tales of successful writers that have read very little. I suppose you can do it, but I don’t really see how. Anyhow, this year’s goal will be 12,000 words.

I’ve mentioned my current novel already so won’t belabor it again. Suffice to say, I would really like to start shopping it around this year, but it’s such a monster of a task to get it to an appropriate length and in a polished state that I can’t make any guarantees about it - I can only assure you it will get ample time and effort from me in 2010.

Which brings me to my closing statements. I’m likely being repetitive, but repetition leads not only to carpel tunnel syndrome, but the completion of long term objectives too.

I’ll be writing short fiction in the mornings and working on finishing my novel in the afternoons for all of 2010. Simple as that, but not so simple if you’ve ever tried such a thing yourself.

Oh, and while I sat snug behind my computer these last three days getting all my thoughts and writing in order for 2010 - Winter, in all its cold ferocity, has besieged my house. Just to spite it, I think I’m going to gear-up today and head straight out into it, grinning all the while.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. I need positive goal oriented friends like you to keep me on my own creative course.

    I wish you all the best for 2010. May it be the year you become rich and famous! :-)

  2. Grondzilla12:19 pm

    So...those people who are distressed by your 'lifestyle choice'...have you asked them if their caves are adorned with the latest cave-bear rugs and Sabretooth fang necklaces? Have you pointed out to them that they can in fact come down from the turns out we're bipeds after all? Yeesh.

  3. I always like to have positive goals to shoot for, even if I need to revise them . . . daily. ;)

    And I should have expected the reactions I've been getting from our ultra-traditionalistic society members.

    But, I'll show them - I'll show them all! . . .

    Well, some of them . . .

    Okay, two or three . . .

    four tops! ;)

  4. I support you one hundred percent. But I reserve the right to be jealous as hell at the same time!