Sunday, December 27, 2009

my shiny new year begins

I’m back!

Um, yah, okay then . . .

Seems as though this November, and my ill conceived participation in NaNoWriMo, beat the living tar out of me as a writer.

I won NaNoWriMo though . . . woohoo . . .

But at what cost? - This blog was abandoned and my current works suffered the consequences and have not seen nearly as much time or effort as they deserve.

Despite being referred to at times as "the writing machine", I'm just a man with all the DNA strands of any other, though not in the exact same sequence, or precisely the same twists. So, after puking out 50,000 plus words in November, my December writing recovery has been long and hard. I feel I’m over the NaNoWriMo burnout now, and will likely never do it again. I am much more the steady turtle writer, not the sprinting hair kind.

So, for 2010, I’m going to - not just try but, - Going To - blog every Sunday here to keep you abreast of the trials and tribulations of this here writer. Perhaps my words will paint a portrait of the middle-aged artist striving to convert words to cash, even though selling pencils on street corners is generally accepted as a far more lucrative career choice.

Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in on the whole 2010 travail week by week, which I will be titling (2010: the year I make contract). Titling things is the prerogative of the writer. Feel free to groan . . . and yes, I do realize it was that bad.

Anyhow, I’ve spent a good deal of the Christmas Holidays working out goals and writing schedules that balance home, writing, chores and family issues and I aim to see them happen without losing more of my thinning hair, or going more insane than I already am, which is already quite sufficient for a writing career.

With that I’m marking today as the start to my shiny new year. Yes I know it’s still 2009, but who decided this arbitrary number, date and year system anyhow? Guys on sticks, Mexicans, Romans with delusions of grandeur? - don’t really care how it got locking into the current system - my start to this coming year, is now . . .

So, I’ll start by filling you in on the plan so you can keep score at home and see if I’m shooting par, making eagles, or triple bogeying . . . and I can't explain why I just used golf metaphors - I actually don’t like golf at all.

Anyhow, the gist of my master 2010 plan is this - I’ll be writing short stories in the morning and completing my current novel in the afternoon. I have two collections of short stories I want to compile and sell, and one novel which is getting closer to completion every day but still needs revisions and expansion before it becomes a viable product. These are the projects I set for myself, and by gosh and golly, I’m going to do just that if it kills me, which I kind of hope doesn’t - because that would put an end to the whole deal . . .

So, without further doo, I’ll get to it then and let you know each week how it hangs . . .

. . . or something . . .

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half10:39 am

    Woot! Welcome back. I'd wondered if the whole writing thing needed a break after Nov. We will look forward to hearing and reading your efforts...

  2. Grondzilla11:36 am

    7:42 AM? What kind of sick individual is *finishing* a Blog entry at that time. I should report ou to the know...the ones who...well...who agree with me that just being awake at 7:42 is warped enough.

  3. It lives!
    Yeah, the NaNo crash can be a killer. It took me about a month to recover the regular writing groove too.
    Good luck with your new Master Plan. ;-)