Sunday, October 18, 2009

reno madness

No not some gambling addiction I've suddenly aquired - but rather a house renovation blitz I’ve been on for a week and a half.

This past while we’ve had the ducts cleaned out, an energy audit, a new water heater installed, a new furnace installed as well as a new programmable thermostat. Looks like I’ll be getting a fair chunk of bucks back in Government incentives and tax write-off incentives though so the pill may be jagged, but not quite as large and hard to swallow as I first thought.

I went out yesterday and bought some house sealing stuff: foam insulation, weatherstripping, r-5 insulation and the all mighty Duct Tape - how can you do any work around the house without it?

So, this week coming up will see me doing a lot of draft sealing before I get the auditor back to see if any improvements were made to these leaking places.

As for writing, I’ve been pretty distracted this past week (as noted by the activities listed above) and accomplished pretty much nil - not a good trend, and one I aim to throttle starting tomorrow, fresh and mostly house repair free except for some duct tape and weatherstrip maneuvers.

We still have to get somebody over to repair and seal our fireplace chimney, but that should do it for renovations for this year.

If we somehow uncover a pile of cash between now and March of 2011, we can replace some of our old downstairs windows and get 80 bucks back for each one. Not a bad deal me thinks.

Well, as the world turns, so does my stomach when there is nothing in it except coffee - so I’m off to the kitchen to make me some food.

Oh, and reading night (our monthly gathering of like minded crazy people) last night was good. I may not be Mr. Social, but it is good for me (so I’ve been told repeatedly) to get out and see other human beings at least a few times a year. Almost reached my quota then.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half10:39 am

    Huh - you'da figgered the wedding woulda done that. :) When all is said and done with your audit and renos, make sure to check what the final report is that will get you your money. They don't generally send that to you but you can call them and ask. Its worth checking. Our auditor left something off for our rebates (which should frankly garner us another $3000+) but because its a lame computer program, mistakes have to be handled manually. Six months later I'm still waiting.