Sunday, September 06, 2009

the writing continues

Well, as promised, I’m back on Sunday keeping you abreast of all the exciting activities taking up my writing, and real, life these days . . .

I’ve been taking a kind of half-vacation before school starts on the 8th and so have been only writing 1,000 words a day since Sept 1st. And so far I’ve managed it with some pretty good results which I am sure to share this Friday - our writing group’s reading night.

You see, I’ve been reading all about WW2, because it’s one of my interests. Why does this period in history interest me so much when it horrifies most. I guess I’m drawn to the ultimate question of why such horrible atrocities were perpetrated in the first place, and then equally drawn to the heroic sacrifices so many made to stop the insanity.

My daughter got her new cello as well - she is growing so fast. I’m so proud of her and she is playing so much better each year. It’s amazing, really. But, to my credit, I played the first several notes of Twinkle on her cello to the amazement of all. I could probably play that device, but two in the house out of three playing is expensive enough. So, unless I get $100,000 plus for my first novel, cello for me is out for the foreseeable future.

I’m also going to my first gathering, this coming Sept 8th, of local writer’s in our area. There is an assignment I’m working on for it. It’s almost the same as Saturday Scribes where we are given certain words and have to come up with a story of poem or something written using them.

My tale is about murder and mayhem and a not quite reformed war criminal - which has nothing . . .okay, everything, to do with what I’ve been reading lately. How the pirates snuck in there, well I’m not sure.

And It looks as though my writer’s talks to students will be expanding this school year as well - how cool is that? I’ll be doing a talk to our local high school for their young writer’s program as well as talking to two separate high school classes (one English and one a writer’s class) in another high school near Toronto.

I’m thinking, once I get enough professional cred (that’s a cool slang word, isn’t it?) I may put together an actual program and charge schools a fee for me to come in and discuss the whole art and science of the professional writing business.

Well, time is running out on me this morning, so . . .

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Speaking of Saturday Scribes, just FYI the writing prompts will be starting up again on Sept. 18th.

    And don't forget that *other* writing group will be descending on your premises on Friday rather than Saturday this week. ;-)

  2. Eugene10:27 am

    Your twitter link is broken. :-(

  3. Yes, I think I'm gearing up, mentally, to do Saturday Scribes again. It's great writing practice.

    Um, I don't know how to fix the Twitter link with this "new" blogger layout - and not keen enough to spend time making it work.

    so, guess you will just have to get a Twitter account - and follow me then . . .


  4. Oh, just figured out how to fix the Twitter link thingy - um, yeah, I'm good . . .

  5. Eugene10:10 am

    If you know "how" to fix it I'd appreciate you doing something about it. :-)

    It says this page doesnt exist...

  6. Sorry Eugene - it should be working now.

    Confounded technology . . .

  7. Eugene10:02 pm

    *puts on best Stewie Griffin voice*