Sunday, September 20, 2009

revisions and updates

Well this week didn’t fly by quite as quickly as the last - but it is gone, never to be seen again.

And it looked like our last pet rat Fluffy was on his way to rat heaven where all the cages are open and there is never a lack of something to gnaw on. But, I still had some antibiotics left over from one of our deceased rats (Harry) and I’ve been feeding it to Fluffy by spiking his yoghourt treats for the past three days - and he seems a lot better this morning as I found him begging at the cage door for treats - his natural happy self again!

Last night we were out at our yearly dinner dance tennis banquet. When we came home afterwards the baby-sitter said, “wow, you guys have a really big mouse” - how cute is that? When I explained that Fluffy was a rat, not a mouse, she looked like I was lying. Oh, the innocence of youth.

Let’s see, this week in writing - I’ve revised a few things and got some more done. First revision came from the realization that, despite my best efforts, chewing gum and walking is just too damn hard for me.

So, instead of trying to re-write my novel and work on a new short story - I’m sticking to one writing task at a time until its completed - well until a certain phase is completed.

Right now I’m getting my novel in second draft form after which time I will spend my energies whipping up a short story idea to enter into a contest. I have been told in the past to enter contests, but always shied away from the idea. Well, come end of October that will no longer be the case. I will be entered - and should I win, or even get a honorable mention, that would be very cool.

Any way it turns out, I’ll be off to the next hurtle and moving onward. The permanent state of the writer I’m afraid.

And I had some more discussions with the person (librarian in fact) asking if I would come to our local high school and talk to their students taking the grade 12 writer’s craft course. I would love to do this and it looks like it may well happen. Fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted.

Well, I think I’ve captured about all of it for the week. Oh, and chapter 13 of my current novel will be re-written for next week, and I’ll then be on to the final chapter. WooHoo for me!

Then it’s edit again, re-write a third time, edit once more and polish one final re-write - then off to submission land it goes. Then for me - it’s on to novel number three.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Anonymous11:15 am

    If you're feeling brave you could post some of your novel on Word Masons, so the rest of us can make pithy comments about it. Seriously, many of us would love to actually read your novel and let you know how it scans under the eye as opposed to being heard by the ear.

  2. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Whenever you're back into short story mode, the Saturday Scribes weekly prompts have started up again, just by the by.

    I agree with the angry pantless man, it would be cool to see at least a chapter or two of everyone's novels, so we can get a sense of how they read on paper (or on screen, at any rate).

  3. Once I get it in third draft stage (a couple months yet) then I will post it up.

    Still a bit too much a work in progress right now, but getting good feedback via the reading nights to make changes for the next edition.