Tuesday, August 25, 2009

vinyl groove gizmo

Day 362 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I’m about ready to order a gizmo made by Ion, the makers of cheap but expensive USB turntables, which allows you to plug in your analog music machines and pipe it through to your computer to turn into digital tunes.

It will be a long a painstaking process, but I have about 200 albums which need to be on my writing computer - just because.

It will be so good to get my BTO and Foreigner and Kajagoogoo and Nik Kershaw on my machine for writing time. I really miss not listening to these bands and the many many others, and no I don’t feel like subscribing to iTunes, or any other version, when I have all this great music just sitting in vinyl and waiting for me to digitize.

I’ve, over the years, bought all the Alan Parsons Project and Kate Bush on CD, but it’s just too much money to try and pull that stunt with all my vinyl collection.

So, for 60 bucks, I’ll soon have the gizmo to do all this conversion for myself. Oh, and you can plug in any analog unit including tape decks so those old cassettes I still have will get digitized too.

And no, I do not have any 8-tracks.

I’m old, but not that old.

Until tomorrow . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half9:02 am

    Do you actually have a turntable still? If you have a half decent one, you can just buy the necessary software and not the electronic gizmo, which I bet they're charging more for than the software. Does the same things (vinyl, tape & cd) and comes with editing software.

  2. This issue, as I understand it, is with needing to buy a preamp to boost the analog signal to pipe into the computer. The software is a sinch, it's the signal that doesn't cut it.

    I'll do some more looking into this before the buy.

  3. Zilla's Other Half9:06 am

    I take it you don't have an old amplifier lying around. Hmm. I wonder if my old one would work for that purpose...Talk to us this weekend...