Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ten to one

Day 356 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


It seems like I’ve been doing this blogging-every-day thing for two years straight already, but the numbers tell me otherwise. Including this post, I have ten to go until I reach one full year.

Still, it will come to an end soon, and I will be relieved to not be tied down to it every day. I’ll still post on occasion, just not every gorram day.

Yes, I have been re-watching Firefly, but for some unknown reason I found it not as enjoyable as the first time through. Familiarity breeding contempt, perhaps?

And yes, that was a Culture Club reference. My mind works in mysterious ways.

I’m still searching for a series of TV show that can top, for me anyhow, Buffy. It was all that was right on TV. And yes, even the last season, though not as good as the others, had plenty of great moments.

Don’t even speak to me about Angel, and I have yet to see Dollhouse if I ever will.

But now it’s back to the written word and trying to create something other people might actually like to read and enjoy - hence, not blog posts with no purpose except to achieve a set quantity goal.

Until tomorrow . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half10:02 am

    I still find I enjoy rewatching Farscape again and again...

  2. Eugene10:19 am

    Did you ever see "John Doe", "Now and Again", "Special Unit II", Veritas: The Quest", "Harsh Realm", "Crusade", "Miracles",...or a bunch of of others...oh thats right they got cancelled after 1 season...stupid people in suits.

  3. I must, with embarassment, say no to all the shows you listed Eugene . . .

    Looks like I've got me some watching to do - thanks.

    And Farscape, while very good and a cut above the rest, doesn't quite do it for me.

  4. Eugene2:41 am

    Heh most of those shows were on late at night here in Oz...late night filler TV which Buffy/Angel was too. Most of the shows are sci-fi, fantasy. I liked those shows a lot...unfortunately the brainless ones in suits didnt. Sure they may not all be Emmy material but I liked them. Particularly "John Doe", "Now and Again" and "Miracles"(David Greenwalt wrote some episodes and Rob Kral did the music)

    Oh did you ever see "Forever Knight" or "The Others"?(its a horror show so you'd probably like it :-)

    I've a looong list of Tv shows.