Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday it is

No, not Yoda speak, or even a simple statement of fact, but a decision on my part and one I hope you might like.

After blogging for and entire year straight it’s a little hard to go cold turkey on emptying my brains onto the internet, and since this place will by my conduit to fans fo my writing (yes, I love deluding myself), I had best keep it up so as not to disappoint.

So, what I have decided is that every Sunday’s will be my blog day here at the Twisted Mind. Heck, if preachers can spew out something once per Sunday - how hard can it be?

Yes, that special place in hell is getting prepared for me, I just know it.

And so you know, I’m starting up the novel re-writes on September 8th - the day school starts this year and routine timing, save strange days, will be the norm once more. Until then I’m enjoying the last days of summer with gaming, visiting and doing some house tidying.

I have a five drawer filing cabinet in my lair and I only ever had access to two drawers of it. But my wife will be getting her own three drawer next week which will then allow me to be able to hide away a lot of my stuff in the freed up three drawers, stuff which looks like a cluttered mess on my bookshelves.

Well, with that said then, expect to see something here every Sunday from now on. It could be a short story, novel excerpt, weird science article, dance trance tune, cartoon strip, audio file, photograph, entertaining real life story - whatever takes my fancy that week.

So, instead of until tomorrow, I’ll be replacing that with . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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