Wednesday, August 05, 2009

games closet

Day 342 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Here is a shot of the games closet in my lair.

It’s taken quite a few years to accumulate these games and most I still like to play when I get a chance to play them with others.

I think everybody must have a cubbyhole of some kind to stash their non-computer games, don’t they?

Starting at the top you can see the old Arkham Horror, still a good game but not in the same league as the new version you can also see on the right hand side with the three small expansions.

Then there is Carcassone, a game my daughter loves because you get to connect tiles to make castles and farms and roads. She usually beats me at it.

Another two games of epic proportions are Twilight Imperium and the expansion, plus War of the Ring. Both worthy games which need multi-hour sessions to complete. The are complicated games with many rules, but that aside, they are much fun - if you have the time.

I also have Runebound with some card expansions. My daughter also loves to play this one and asks to pull it out whenever she has the urge, which is more often than myself. A fun game also by Fantasy Flight Games.

Then there is Axis and Allies Pacific (flawed, but fun for a little while) and below, which didn’t make it into the shot, the original Axis and Allies as well as the newer expanded version which includes destroyers and artillery.

Tikal I really like, but the rest of the family would rather pass on it. Balderdash gets a lot of dust, but Settlers of Catan gets played once in a while.

Starfareres of Catan is fun, if flawed with three players, but it hasn’t come out in a while. Risk is, well Risk - good to blow off some time, but ultimately flawed.

And yes, you see and old CD-Rom drive and two small hard drives. Cast offs from computers of the past, but still operational and can be used as backups to my old system if some component should fail.

Now, isn’t it time to step away from the computer and TV and pull out one of your board games, call some friends and get to it?

Until tomorrow . . .

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