Saturday, August 08, 2009

but the second one stayed up

Day 345 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Fence, that is.

As you can see from the picture below the fence is up and it’s looking good and solid. In fact, it was hopped a couple times and, besides a slight wobble, it’s solid as a rock.

The picture was taken from inside the yard and so the angle is slightly different from yesterdays shot. I suppose I should have thought of that, but you can get the idea.

Well, the final construction started well and all was going according to plan until the pipe cutter I borrowed, and returned, from my neighbour was needed again to cut off the line posts to proper height.

It wasn’t until I put on the top rail caps that I realized the fence posts were about two inches higher than they needed to be.

We waited around for an hour, but he did not return.

He did not.

We tried a hack saw and found that a quick way to frustration as the pole was wobbling all over the place despite one of us holding onto it. We gave up on that idea after a futile few minutes. So next, we walked to a place in town I thought rented tools, but the store only sold them.

I was not amused.

Next we went to the local Canadian Tire to see if they had a check pipe cutter. But, the one large enough to do the job was 40 bucks. Um, no thanks.

Anyhow, the next plan was to locate and then drive a ways to a real tool rental place. We picked up the same pipe cutter my neighbour had (for ten bucks) - I should have just kept the damn thing for the day, but I was being all neighbourly and wanted to return it promptly, which I did.

The rest was just slug work, and if you are going to try this at home kids, make sure you have fingers of steel to twist all those darn ties. Plyers help but you need to do a lot of twisting with the old digits.

After I thought we were done the fence was looking a bit out of shape. The height was good but the bow in some of the sections was unacceptable. So, we ventured forth again to get a turnbuckle and a bottom tension wire which we installed.

This cleared up most of the issues and what you see is the fence in the shot. It’s dead straight, solid as a rock, the chain itself touches the ground and is flush with the top rails - damn, it almost looks like it was constructed by two people who knew what they were doing and had built one before.


Two chain link fence rookies did this.

And tonight is reading night and my good friends’ birthday - well tomorrow actually, but he looks a year older after yesterday’s fence building.

Overall, the project was a huge success and I am extremely happy with the end product. I defy the winds to blow this sucker down . . .

Until tomorrow . . .

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