Thursday, August 06, 2009

been 4 months

Day 343 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


to the day since I left the cubicle.

I haven’t really looked back on my feelings about it, until today that is.

I’ve not really paid much attention to GM in the news after I left (well except for the bankruptcy issue which could have screwed my accrued pension), but I assume they are still a company and have not been liquidated outright.

I give them between 5 and 10 more years before they totally dissolve, or are absorbed by another company altogether.

But today’s short post only focuses on my feelings about the whole transaction. It’s been a little scary and unsettling, but I’m slowly adjusting to the new reality for me.

I was told that for every big change in your life it takes one month per year + 3 to make the transition. Let’s see, I was a cube-squatter for 20 years, plus 3 more months for a total of 23 months to make the new reality sink in and get comfortable with it.

After 4 months I’m still grappling a bit with the new routines and new life. There was much financial crap to get through and thankfully that is almost put to bed now, with a few more details left to iron out.

But come this September, after this silly blog marathon ends, I will be focusing 100% on the new life of writing and being an at home dad - both positions I enjoy about 1000% more than the old cube-squatting one.

It’s still a little scary, and outward pressure from sources which tell me I should be getting another job soon, have me not feeling totally comfortable yet.

I’m doing my best to ignore those bad influences and just get on with my new work.

I’m hoping to have a collection of short stories about Morley Fenn compiled within a year, as well as finishing my current novel and first drafting my second.

By writing every day I will meet these objectives, and may even exceed them.

Well, with that in mind, I’m off to polish my current Morley Fenn tale so it’s ready, at least in first and a half draft for our reading night this coming Saturday night.

Until tomorrow . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half12:35 pm

    Here's rooting for you that your current 'chosen' profession will be successful enough to purge the unhelpful suggestions of 'job' hunting...blech.

  2. Looking forward to hearing the newest Morley Fenn story.
    Good vibes heading your way re: avoiding that nasty get-another-job demon on your shoulder. As we all know (or at least fervently hope and believe), writing IS a real job (or it will be, when they start paying you for it) - and way more fun than most jobs out there. ;-)

  3. Thanks! - it's always good to hear some encouragement instead of "so, when are you going to get another jog" comments . . .

    I'll keep my head in the writing trenches as long as possible, which I'm thinking will be the rest of my born days.