Tuesday, July 14, 2009

teletubbie timer

Day 320 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


So, I was wanting to get an actual sand hourglass, but was unable to locate one. (Anybody know where I can find one?)

Anyhow, the one I bought is for cooking and looks just like La La the Teletubbie - well, not exactly like her, but close enough to cause me a laugh every time it’s writing time and I need to time how long I’ve been at it.

And I should take a picture and show you, but this new computer has no card reader and figuring out how to transfer the image is - well, too much like work - so you have to trust me on this one.

Posting late today because my wife and I slept in (daughter is at a sleep over) and had porridge and peaches for breakfast and talked a lot about what writing is all about.

Mostly we talked about the practicality of writing. How it’s not about the feeling so much as the ass in chair hard work. I think if you ask any successful writer they will tell you the actual writing itself is only one part of the whole and not the whole - if you follow me.

I get a kick out of writers that are so excited to be cranking out thousands of words a day - this is all well and good if you have a plan, or a deadline to meet for a publisher.

Or, it’s fine if you like to write for write’s sake. I am not going to poop on your output in any way. After all, you can’t sell a product you don’t have. (Yes I know all about Breax)

Maybe the Engineer in me is just too damn practical, but I see writing as a having several well defined and pragmatic steps.


Execute plan.



Rinse and repeat until it’s off to the publishing houses (seems like 3 to 7 times is the norm) - then start on your next project without looking back.

Yes, I know everybody works differently, so am not speaking as a know-it-all. In fact I know that I don’t know enough about the process yet or I would have more than a few short stories published by now.

End of babble.

Start of hard work.

Until tomorrow . . .

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    I'll check for you around here, but your best bet is an antique store.