Monday, May 25, 2009

the right stuffing

Day 270 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I don’t know about you, but, I know for me, finding the right pillow is one big pain in the neck - literally.

I’ve had I don’t know how many over my lifetime and have yet to find a satisfactory one.

Back when I was younger I could pretty much sleep on anything resembling a pillow and not wake up in too bad of shape. So, I would buy those bargain pillows - you know the ones that are full of lumps and after you drool on them and use them for a few weeks you might as well sleep on a sack of rocks.

After going through a lot of those, I wised up a bit and started buying more expensive pillows. But, what I found with those (which I got at department stores) was they were made HUGE to appear as though you were getting a good deal for your money. But you are not.

They were kind of like sleeping with your head on the belly of a polar bear, or some fur bearing creature of comparable size - talk about craning your neck upwards and they deformed horribly after a while so that if you didn’t get your head in just the right spot at night you were in for a soar neck.

I also had one of those goose down pillows - once. Maybe it’s just me, but I swear every night I tried to sleep on it, just as I was getting comfortable, I would get jabbed by the pointy end of a feather sticking through the pillow case. And talk about lumpy after a while. Might as well just stuff a load of wadded up socks into a pillow case - at least with the socks you would get no unintentional acupuncture.

Then the sleep gurus developed those formed pillows, which never fit a regular pillow case leaving wrinkles you would try in vain to smooth out with your hand. They looked great, especially the picture on the outside of the box showing a twenty-something female with perfect posture sleeping on one - and you got to look at her spine - literally - perfectly alighned for a perfect night’s rest on this wonder pillow.

These type of pillows are great, for about three nights. Then the rebounding, anti-deforming foam they are made from does not rebound anymore and takes on a permanent dent in the shape of your head. What you end up with then is a foam slot for your noggin, and the rest of the pillow is a waste - and you wake up with a pain in the neck. Again, money wasted.

My wife swears by a sack of buckwheat husks . . . I have not tried this so cannot comment. Do I need to comment?

My latest attempt is a lighter density foam formed pillow of regular size so the pillow case does not fit so badly and hence wrinkles are not a big issue.

Last night’s sleep went well, but this is only day one of the new head rest. I’m sure it will end up a pain in the neck after a time as well.

Maybe I should be like the monks and just use a carved out piece of wood for a pillow - or just sleep on a plank of wood with no pillow at all - or figure out the secret of never having to sleep ever again, which is the option I prefer. Just think of all the writing time that would free up!

Until tomorrow . . .

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