Saturday, May 09, 2009

out of oblivion

Day 254 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I’m happy to report that mother daughter day went very well yesterday.

But I’m not happy to report that I’ve pretty much given up on Oblivion, the computer game.

I never knew how annoying the scaling up of the monsters and challenges were until I tried a quest at 8th level that I had previously finished in another game at 2nd level.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. When you are 8th level you get swarmed by many goblins (yah, the weak evil Weenies of fantasy lands everywhere) and they are sporting lethal weapons and nigh impenetrable armor rendering the quest pretty much impossible. Whereas at 2nd level you get fewer goblins in number and they are still tough, but not impossible to defeat and they are sporting appropriate goblin armor and weapons.

This type of scaling up makes gaining levels in Oblivion of absolutely no use because the entire world levels up right along with you. So, it’s possible to finish the game without ever leveling up and the challenges would remain much easier.

Does this just sound wrong in a computer game where you work hard to attain new levels and better abilities? Well, let me tell you - It is!

Now, Morrowind on the other hand, got it absolutely right. There is no scaling up. So, if you go into the wrong place at the wrong time your imaginary life is in mortal danger. And, once you attain levels and get stronger and better, you begin to whoop ass on those lesser creatures that once gave you a rough time. This provides a real sense of accomplishment, one where gaining new skills and getting better at what you do makes difference as it should.

So, Morrowind it is then when I finish my writing for the day.

Sorry, Oblivion, you may have the eye candy and interface to rival any game I’ve ever played - but what’s under the hood is just too damn broken.

Until tomorrow . . .

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