Tuesday, April 07, 2009

first day on the new job

Day 222 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well this is sure strange.

No silly work clothes, no commute, no set hours whatsoever.

A guy could get to like this - and a guy could also go insane.

Lucky for me I’m already insane, so I can just skip right over that step.

So, you ask, what is my plan?

Oh, the plan? - let me show it to you.

I am now the primary care giver for my offspring so that will take first priority on my time. What I’m left with after those duties is about 6 hours in the day with another 2 or 3 in the evening to work at my craft - no, not basket weaving, but writing.

I am going to do my writing in ½ hour chunks with rewards at the end of each session. Yah, I can bribe myself if I want.

I hope to get in a good 2-8 hours of writing a day depending on what else is needing to be taken care of. But, I need to pace myself and build up gradually so as not to burn out completely so for the first month or so I'm thinking more along the 1-4 hour range.

And what do I have to work on?

I have a short story that needs a polish, a finished novel that needs a rewrite, another entire plotted science fiction novel that needs a first draft, and a fantasy trilogy that needs a first draft as well.

So, it becomes obvious I will not lack for writing projects in the near term.

Of course the goal of all this is to make some money - a far trickier part of my cunning plan. As soon as my products are in saleable shape I will be peddling them - and fast!

Well, much work lies ahead of me and there is no time like the “right F'n now” to get at them.

Until tomorrow . . .

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