Sunday, March 08, 2009

stay the madness

Day 192 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


My wife is on to me.

As much as I don’t want my work to affect me these days, it’s wearing me down. Try as I might, I find it hard to put out of my mind.

And I know, at an intellectual level, that any worry I have about my job is ultimately unfounded.

So, instead of living in the past or present, let me share with you a day I will be having in the near future.

I will wake early, I’m used to doing that now, and make myself a fresh ground cup of organic coffee with real cream. I head to my lair before anyone else is awake and work for two solid hours on my writing.

Once the writing is done (hence my work day is finished) I reward myself with a computer game for an hour before heading upstairs to attend to breakfast for my family. After my daughter is off to school and my wife is off to work I’ll clean up the house a bit for an hour.

Some of the rest of the day will include chores like laundry or shopping, and some of it will be re-watching favourite shows, reading books, and interneting which will further fuel my mind for yet more creative endeavours to come.

The time before picking my daughter up from school with be brainstorming new projects and getting excited about them for the next morning’s writing session.

In the evening I’ll make a great supper for the family and then spend the night in their company.

That will be the routine. Outside the routine will be going to conventions (where I’ll sign books, of course) and mingle with other creative types. My daughter and wife may or may not attend as they see fit. There will be gaming get togethers with friends as well as our regular reading nights.

No more commuting.

No more stupid bosses.

No more lame-ass corporate slavery.

No more crippling cubicle squatting.

I see the sun coming up on the horizon - maybe an hour later because of the time change - but it will rise on a new day.

Until tomorrow . . .

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